Monday, September 8, 2008

I DON'T Like Ike

My ILs are having to evacuate from Hurricane Ike and are coming here again on Thursday.

P.S. I'm not as stressed this time--I don't have to cook (long story, but basically we have something scheduled every night and I already wasn't going to cook) and I have something already planned every day so there won't be long stretches of time to sit around and stare at each other. But seriously. This hurricane thing has GOT to stop.


  1. Lets pray Ike plays nice and they can go home with the family still intacted. Good luck

  2. Natural disasters are something that I've yet to experience, but we are having unusual showers for 2 weeks now...

  3. Geez, it must feel like they just left! Here's to hoping for no damage to their homes so they can go home quickly!

  4. The anon comment is me again from my phone web browser. grrrr. --Leann

  5. Hope that you are faring well through the nasty storms! We got the remainders of Hanna this weekend...nasty!

    Thank you for showing the bloggy love today and stopping by!!