Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week in Review, 9/7--9/13

1. With Miss Pink in school all day and Mr. Blue in preschool 8 hours a week, I have more time to do all the things I need and want to do--from keeping the house cleaner and more organized to reading blogs to writing. Then when I have the kids with me, I just enjoy them. I had wondered if I was fooling myself that when they got older, I'd have enough "me time" to make me less stressed--but I'm pleased to say that I was exactly right, and I am really enjoying this stage of our lives!

2. I'm reading a lot more. Like most people, the number of books I read went down when I discovered blogs. But now that I have to pick Miss P up every day, I have to wait 30 minutes or so in the car (I have to get there that early to get a decent place in line). I cut the engine to save gas, roll the windows down part way, let Mr. Blue listen to that Blue's Clues CD we all have memorized, and start reading whatever book I am keeping in the car. Bliss.

3. Justin finished the slab on the playroom addition. Now I can really see how big the room is going to be. Next up: framing.

4. I had my hair guy give me bangs. I like them a lot. Miss P said, "Mommy, your bangs make you look so different!" What do y'all think?

I hate these pictures--except for my hair. My husband had the camera right up in my face and I felt very self-conscious (although I'd asked him to take them for a profile pic). Also I plucked my eyebrows for about 15 minutes last night. Anyway, I still like the bangs. If I got square glasses I could look like Sarah Palin (kidding).



  1. I love the pics!! The bangs look great!!!

  2. Hey there you. You look so young. A little like Alison Hannigan. Very cute. I can't remember you without bangs but I do think you look very nice with them.

    And what's this about all the exercise and worrying about what you eat? You are a thin little thing. (Not "thing" object, more like thing-thang. You know, tiny.)

  3. I love seeing what you look like! Gorgeous.

    LOVE the bangs.

  4. Cute, you look great! I'm way too jealous of the speed at which your addition is moving along.

  5. Very cute pics! My second just started preschool, so just one left and he likes a lot of attention! Someday I'll be lucky like you...