Monday, September 22, 2008

Week in Review, 9/14--9/20

The beginning of the week went by smoothly, after Hurricane Ike did nothing here except a little rain. Miss Pink and Mr. Blue are both enjoying their schools and I am enjoying the convenience of having the school just down the street. It was especially helpful on Thursday when I drained the car battery by running the radio with the engine off while I was waiting to pick up Miss P. We calmly walked down the street to pick her up, then walked home. By the time Justin got home to take us back to the car, the battery was recharged.

The big event of the week was Justin's 40th birthday party on Saturday. You may remember it was supposed to be last Saturday but we postponed it. We ended up having a good time with friends. We kept it low maintenance--burgers and hot dogs grilled by my dad, chips and dip, (and raw veggies provided by my mom for the health conscious, but she also made a seven-layer dip and brownies, so it canceled out) and Justin's favorite lemon cake and a decadent ice cream dessert.

Here's to another busy week!


  1. Lemon cake. My absolute favorite.

  2. UGH! Birthdays totally mess up the waistline! We just hosted my step-father's b-day and we had lasagna, twice baked potatoes, caesar salad, brocoli salad and a triple decker choc cake with cream cheese and cookie crumble filling. SOMEBODY SAVE ME FROM THESE LEFT OVERS!!!

    40. A very good year. Happy belated to your man.