Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week in Review, 8/31--9/6

1. The IL's got back home safe and sound and their houses are fine. So thank goodness for that.

2. Justin has made progress on the playroom addition that is taking the place of a pitiful screened-in porch on the back of our house. (I'm going to post pictures later this week.) Last weekend it took him 5 or 6 hours to bust up the concrete that needed to go in order to form the new slab. That's a long time to spend swinging a sledgehammer. On Saturday he knocked the brick off and stretched the lines for the dimensions of the new slab. On Sunday he put in the form boards and worked on digging around the outside. All of that while it was VERY hot outside. I had to hold the tape umpteen times for him to get the measurements exactly right, and I got hot and tired, and I was only out there 1/20th of the time he was. What a great guy.

By the way, it was HIS idea to build this playroom/computer room. I did not order him to do it, no matter what he tells you*, and in fact I tried to dissuade him several times, but it is HIS PROJECT and really it makes me proud that he is so good at this kind of thing.

*to make me look bad, because he thinks it's funny to pretend that I boss him around

3. Being a super-conscientious student who always turned every assignment in on time, if not early, has stood me in good stead for the first two weeks of public school, when papers keep coming home demanding to be filled out and returned by a deadline. I dare not fail, lest my daughter's teachers be disgusted with my slacker ways.


1. Mr. Blue's EVIL molars are still making us ALL miserable. I know he feels bad, but he can't have candy instead of meals just because his mouth hurts (such a mean mommy I am!). The tantrums that happen when he doesn't get his way over the silliest things ("YOU PUT MY CUP ON THE TABLE AND I WANTED TO DO IT MYSELF!!!") are just all over my last nerve.

2. Dave Ramsey says we have to have a budget that "names every dollar" every month. Give a person with anxiety issues an assignment like this, and some obsessing will follow. I know it's important and good to do this, and I am not as uptight as I was last weekend when I was trying to figure out how much money we need for variable expenses like food.



  1. Oh those tantrums...don't they know our patience is finite?

  2. I'm obsessing over the budget, too. Any time we buy something, I have to resist the urge to run home to the computer and immediately put it in the proper expense category. But I think that's mostly because in a sick way I find this fun.

  3. hey there...first stop here from SITS...

    i am telling you, that Dave Ramsey is a good man. we are doing his teen series in our high school ministry now. it's amazing...and the hubby and I have been to his seminars too. good luck...