Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Stay Happily Married

UPDATED TO ADD: I did have him show me what I was supposed to do. Turns out I was measuring from the wrong end of the wall.

Now I have to say I can't really blame him for getting frustrated with me!

Justin, getting very aggravated with me over the phone because I can't understand his directions as to how to take a measurement in the playroom: FINE. I'll just do it myself when I get home.

Me: Hey, don't get mad at ME because no one ever showed me how to do this stuff just because I'm a girl. [I don't say, "Because I never wanted to learn how."]

Him, still mad but realizing he can't win an argument about gender roles: Okay. I'll just shut my stupid mouth.

[I don't say, "You do that."]



  1. What about the row I have with hubby over the washing of his shirts which usually ends up with his slamming around and having to wash his own shirts (then creep round me when he realises he doesn't actually know how to work the machine!)

  2. This is why you've been married 11 years -- and happiily!

  3. On the 15th of this month Mac and I celebrated 40 years of did we celebrate you might ask? We went to Walmart. Why? Because I wanted to. Did he go along? Yes, only because he wanted to drive MY TRUCK!
    and I still rock his world lol

  4. So did he teach you how to measure the playroom when he got home?

  5. *laugh* is the usual ending? is it common that instead of 'teaching' you, he ended up 'DOING' it himself? *laugh*

  6. So do you know how to measure now?? lol

  7. It's always the things you don't say that keep the marriage humming along. Smart girl!

  8. Oh, man - funny post. Sometimes I feel like we're all having one, big, fat marriage in lots of separate episodes...

    :^) Anna

  9. Girl, I am laughing so hard, with us, it's him calling me to look something up on mapquest... using a map.

    I cannot read a map. Even after 10 years he does not get this.

  10. This is how marriage works. Husband understands that wife doesn't need to do things she doesn't want. Like taking measurements.

    And, like nikkicrumpet said in her comment, it's the things that aren't said that keep a marriage humming along! If only I could keep my mouth shut more...

  11. The happy manipulation of marriage rules. As long as there is underlying respect we can all get away with almost anything. You do it well.