Sunday, October 5, 2008

Week in Review, 9/28--10/4

1. This week I spent quite a bit of time at Miss Pink's school. On Wednesday I volunteered to help out with the library book fair for a couple of hours, which was fun. Did I mention the school has childcare staffed by other volunteer moms (we've all had background checks, for whatever it's worth)? It's awesome and Mr. Blue loves it because it has tons of toys. Then the next day I brought lunch for me and Miss P. Coincidentally, I reconnected with a friend from a couple of years ago with whom I used to be in a playgroup. So that was fun. Plus there were fries and mandarin oranges, but I unhealthily ate most of the fries while leaving the better choice for my daughter.

2. The playroom addition is going so well! By which I mean it will be done in another month or so if things keep moving along. I was just hoping it would be done by Christmas, basing my timetable on previous seemingly never-ending home improvement projects. Justin has worked hard, and has had help from his business partner and some of his employees (they're getting paid, but they did offer to help finish the siding on Saturday.) Next week a friend is coming over to help him paint the exterior. So the room is completely enclosed and the exterior is finished except for paint. I'll take some pictures and post them in a couple of days.

3. I went to a neighborhood-wide garage sale in my parents' well-off area and found lots of neat things to decorate the playroom. I'm going for a vintage look, and there are a lot of bookcases to decorate. We have a lot of books, but not nearly enough for the shelves. So there will be vintage-looking toys, books, and picture frames in some of them. SO much better to pay less than $2 for each item instead of $30 or whatever I was looking at on etsy. I think I am addicted to garage-saling and thrift-shopping. This could be dangerous.

1. Miss P was sick on Thursday night and stayed home Friday. Mr. B got the stomach bug today--but feels fine now. The damage has been minimal, but I have that low-level dread when you know you're probably next. And if the last sickness is any indication, I take a lot longer to recover than the munchkins do.



  1. Look at you taking the bullet, err fries, for the kids. What a mom!

  2. Any good mom eats the fries so their child can have the oranges!

  3. Way to take one for the team by eating the fries!

  4. Hey there, whoa! Garage sales are my lot! Good thing we live far away from each other. I hit a wonderful sale this weekend loaded with antiques. Sooooo gooooodddd.

    Yay for the addition. I'd love the extra space, you know, for all of our antiques from yard sales and all.

  5. I hope you're all feeling well by now! How heart rending that was for you to sacrifice and take over the fries! How like me you are...