Saturday, October 11, 2008

Playroom Addition Update #2

The playroom addition project is going very well. I am a little surprised at how fast it is coming together, actually. This may be the first time in the history of our marriage when a home improvement project is being finished ahead of schedule. My mental schedule, I mean. My husband probably thought it was going to be done in a month, optimist that he is. I have learned to add time to his estimates. But he has worked on it every weekend and several evenings a week; plus he has been able to take off a few days here and there with some help from his partner and employees to finish the framing and the roof.

Let's look at some pictures, shall we?

The last time I posted pictures, the "room" looked like this. (This was a month ago.)

And then later that weekend it became this.

Somewhere along the way, a slab got poured, which I forgot to take pictures of. But you can see the slab does indeed exist in the next pictures.

Here's Justin working on (or thinking about) tearing off part of the existing roof. I just love it when he wears a tool belt. :-)

There are a lot more pictures of the framing which I will spare you, since Justin got his hands on the camera and took pics of every wall and corner. There is even one of a particular bolt at the bottom of a wall. I have no idea what makes that bolt special enough to deserve its own picture. But I can tell you that this corner is being framed in to cover the chimney brick with sheetrock and that corner is where my desk is going. My future blogging space--hooray!

Here's a glimpse of the doorway into our living room. We are going to keep a door between the rooms (eventually a French door; only the top half of the current door has glass) because we want to be able to close off the playroom when we aren't running the A/C in there.

And finally, here's how the outside looks with the siding and new windows installed. I'm sorry about how tilted the picture is. I kept trying to hold the camera to make it look straight, and I failed. I'll never be the next Pioneer Woman!

Here's the side that ties into the outside wall of the kitchen.

Right now, Justin and a friend are painting the outside, so it will look even better the next time I update. Which I hope will be sooner than a month, and that it will be basically done by Thanksgiving. For which I will truly be thankful, if it happens.



  1. Wow, and you're doing that all yourselves? I'm mighty impressed. I can't build anything. Not a thing.

  2. AWESOME! Plus, he looks all cute and construction manish on the ladder!

  3. What a great job that is...brings me memories from last summer of the Pantry addition, there's something about a toolbelt!

  4. Amazing!!!! to see such beauty being build from ZERO!... I could feel the excitement even just by reading the words and looking at the pictures, I can't imagine how fast your heart is pumping now! *wink*

  5. Wow, looks great. It's nice having a handyman around.


    I mentioned to my dad recently that I was making aprons for Christmas. He quickly assured me that I didn't need to make one for him, but that I could make him a tool belt instead. :-P

  6. LOL on the special bolt!

    Looks awesome! It'll be so nice to have that space once it's done.

  7. Wow that is not a small project. Good luck with it! I'm still trying to get my bathroom finished.

  8. Wow, that looks like a seriously NICE playroom. I can't wait to see it when it's done!

  9. That rocks. I'm jealous. I want the space. Really, we could use some but we'll have to make due. Time to down size on all the stuff we have maybe.