Monday, October 13, 2008

Week in Review, 10/5--10/11

There were quite a few Yay items this week. Which is always nice. I thought about not even doing a Nay list but I'm sure by the time I get to the end of this post, I will be able to think of something to gripe about.

You're welcome. I'm sure my kvetching is why you come to this blog. You'd miss it if I managed not to complain one week. (Yeah, right.)

1. Justin's mother and aunt came to pick up a chest of drawers he had made for his grandmother, who is in a nursing home. They stayed a couple of nights and had the best time playing with the kids. Mr. Blue is still asking to go home with them.

2. The price of gas came down in our area. It's nice to drive past the stations and see the numbers closer to 2.50 than 3.00.

3. Mr. Blue is hilarious right now. His vocabulary continues to grow and he is putting complex sentences together left and right. Last week he kept showing me flash cards with numbers on them and asking me what the number was. When I'd answer, he'd say solemnly, "Right. Dood dob, Mom."

It's so nice to have my self-esteem boosted by a two-year-old.

4. I remembered a big box of winter clothes in the attic. Mr. Blue has outgrown everything from last winter, which I expected, as he's two--but Miss Pink does not need any more clothes except a dress for Christmas. She's all set, especially when it comes to long-sleeved t-shirts. If all her shirts are clean, I doubt they'll all fit into the drawer. Oh, who am I kidding--her shirts are never going to all be clean at the same time.

1. I'm not so motivated to exercise and eat healthfully. In fact, I could be working out right now--but am I? Nope.

2. Guess I don't feel like complaining. Lucky you (and me, for that matter.)

Not really a Nay
I gave a woman who had taken custody of her two-year-old grandson a coat and some winter clothes. (She'd posted a request on Freecycle.) She was so grateful and I was glad I followed my impulse to help her. Obviously all of this is more of a yay, but the sad part is that he had to have an MRI and he may have to have some shunts and there may be brain damage. I don't know what happened or if it had to do with why she had to take custody so abruptly, but I've been praying for them and I thought I'd ask you to do the same, if you are so inclined. Any and all prayers and good thoughts would be welcome, I'm sure.



  1. Amen on the gas prices. My gas bill was significantly lower last time I filled up and we can certainly use that money elsewhere!

    I'll say a prayer for the little boy ... so sad.

  2. We better enjoy the price of gas going down while it lasts! LOL I cringe every time I pass gas stations thinking, 'and this is supposed to be a 'good' price?' LOL I remember when gas was $0.80!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on Friday when it was featured on SITS! I just got in town and visiting everyone now. Love your blog!


  3. You should try gas prices around here - at the middle of last week we were still at 4.00 and now we're at 3.08 - holy drop batman!!!

  4. Yay! the price of gas came down over at my part of the world too!

    oh 2-year-olds ~ they are such natural entertainers!

    and Wow! what a kind-hearted thing you did to the woman...

  5. THE most heart-breaking thing ever is a child with health issues or any sadness that creeps in. Glad you helped. I'm getting so motivated to get active in my community by people like you.

    "It's so nice to have my self-esteem boosted by a two-year-old." Ha! Made me laugh!