Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Week in Review, 10/12--10/18

I am drawing a blank as to what I want to write about last week. I can barely remember it, to tell you the truth! But I've promised to do this all year and I guess I might as well write about what I can remember. (Can you sense my determination and commitment? Me neither. I hope this isn't too boring to read!)

1. Miss Pink brought home her portfolio for the first nine weeks. Her school does nontraditional grading. With their teacher's help, students select their best work in each subject, and bring it home to have a two-way conference with the parent about what they learned. I guess later I will get the "grade" sheet that will tell me what skills she's totally mastered, is satisfactorily learning, or needs more time to work on. Also later there is a three-way conference with the teacher, parent(s), and student to discuss progress and set goals. So much more informative than the ABCDF grading system.

I think Miss P is doing well. She seems right where I would expect her to be at the beginning of kindergarten. She knows her sight words and is starting to read simple books, but she doesn't much like trying to sound out unfamiliar words. She wants to be right (and doesn't like it if she gets the word wrong) and she likes things to be easy for her since many things are. Hmmm, I wonder where she gets that? :-)

Anyway, I'm glad she's doing well.

2. I made pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins and they were a big hit. I had enough batter to make a small loaf of bread that I was going to give to our neighbors, but I will have to make them something else since Justin and the kids "needed" it last night. I didn't argue with them--I wanted more too.

1. We are going through a round of typical sibling rivalry. They fight over toys, blankets, seating arrangements--you name it. Not a lot of physical fighting but lots of loud protests and tattling (mostly from Mr. Blue, which Miss Pink resents). I don't know what to do. I don't want to be the judge--I'd rather them work things out on their own--but they are at two very different developmental stages and can't understand how to negotiate unless Justin or I step in. I think we are being fair but it's not easy.

Mr. Blue has learned to say, "That's not fair." Of course, like all children, he thinks it is not fair whenever he doesn't get his own way.



  1. Hey, you were ahead of me on the roll call. Cute blog! And yeah, I'm gonna go make some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. Because now I'm really hungry. :oP

  2. My two still go at it hammer and tongs and they're now in their early 30's. Hope that doesn't depress you as much as it depresses me

  3. Hey, how bout coming over with that recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, too...sharing is good for the soul
    me again

  4. Parenting can be such a challenge...should I, shouldn't I...I swear it's a miracle my kids don't need extensive therapy from all the mistakes I made. I think the bigger worry would be that they actually GOT ALONG...then that would be WEIRD! I hope your neighbors read your blog...they're gonna be mad about you eating their bread lol.

  5. Livie says "That's not fair"just about anytime I do anything for Milli. More than once I've pulled out the Inigo Montoya voice and said, "I do not think that word means what you think it means." Also more than once I've told her that life isn't fair, or explained why it IS fair. All depends on my mood.


  6. *Yeah! cheering for Miss Pink*

    pumpkin-chocolate chip muffins sounds weird to me, but for the sake of CHOCOLATE anything is acceptable! and you guys kept wanting more, that makes me even more convinced that my first thought is WRONG.

  7. Love non-traditional grading. Speaks to encouragement. My daughter did well so far this year (which was shocking to me) with the only issue being what your daughter needs, to learn that it is ok to be wrong as long as she tries. We're working on it. It miffs me a bit 'cause we are so encoraging for the try and not forceful in the getting it right. Just scared, I suppose, of all those other classmates always watching.