Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Reality

Yesterday was the kids' first day back to school. I guess the powers that be decided to make it a short week to soften the blow. Although getting up at 6:30 am on Tuesday is just as painful as it would have been on Monday. Anyway, Miss Pink was excited to go back--in fact, she didn't want to be away from her beloved teachers and her friends that long, and would get teary-eyed whenever anyone brought up school. So she was happy to go back.

Mr. Blue was not as sure about going to his school, but as always, he was fine once he got there. I enjoyed being able to run errands alone. But the truth is, I am enjoying my kids' company when we are together. Most of the time. Yes, they do scream at each other sometimes, but they are little enough to adore me and old enough to entertain me with their conversations. As soon as Mr. Blue is potty trained, I'd like to freeze them at these ages and keep them this way forever.

Speaking of the potty (geez, I am such a mommyblogging cliche) Mr. Blue is doing VERY well, with only a few accidents and a couple of successes for #2. That's the big hurdle, and now he is on his way. He is very proud of himself for being such a big boy.

With no segue coming to mind, the other news is that my MIL and her sister are coming to visit tomorrow. My MIL is investing in Justin's business, and they have to meet with the banker. J's aunt always comes along to help my MIL drive. I don't want to clean the house with such short notice and without any help from Justin (we'll be at church tonight, so he has no time to help me), and in reality the ladies wouldn't mind, but I have to do it. That is just a rule in my book: you clean for company. And if you don't like cleaning, invite people over regularly. It works unless you don't really like people and are fine being a hermit. In that case, have a spouse that invites his family to stay. That works too! /end sarcasm

Also, we have to go ahead and buy a futon for the playroom, which we were planning to do anyway, so there will be enough sleeping arrangements (you can't ask 70-year-old women to sleep on the floor). So now there will be somewhere to sit/sleep on out there, and soon we'll be getting a rug, and the U-verse TV and Internet will be hooked up. I know I need to post pictures. I should take them as soon as I get everything cleaned up. Two birds with one stone, right?

I'm off to start cleaning. But wouldn't a nap first be a good idea?


  1. Ahhh yes... the pre-cleaning nap. I do that... and then wake up 3 hours later with less energy than I have before :)

  2. Cleaning for company, argh! I know it's necessary, but always wish there was an easier way. Like a robot maid like on the Jetsons?

  3. My son was climbing the walls to go back to school. He absolutely loves it!
    Absolutely no idea how I managed that, but long may it continue!

  4. Yes, I want pictures!!! Rachel has been gushing and I want to see!

  5. Your sarcasm is right up my alley today. Hope the visit was a good one. And partners? That sounds promising and dangerous in the same breath.