Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Last Week in Review of 2008: 12/28--1/3

I really meant it when I said that writing the week in review posts were the most positive thing that I experienced in 2008, because they caused me to take notice of the small things that were going on around me that I might otherwise have taken for granted. I've printed all the posts and am pairing them with pictures in my most personal scrapbook yet.

But I don't think I'll keep doing the Week in Review in the same format. It's time to try something different. I know that if I keep writing the same kind of posts, I'll feel compelled to make another album of them--and can you imagine how many albums, added to the regular scrapbooks, I would end up with? I'm thinking I might do a similar album every five years; that would make Miss Pink 10 and Mr. Blue 7 the next time I do one, which would be a different era of our lives to capture.

But of course I will keep posting moments and pictures, as well as longer posts. This blog is my online journal, written for myself and my children, which I just happen to let total strangers (who often become friends) have access to!

So here are some highlights for the last week of 2008 (and the beginning of 2009).

1. We took the Christmas decorations down on New Year's Day! Yay us! (Well, actually, the kids and I took the ornaments off the tree that day. Justin couldn't get around to putting the tree and the boxes back in the attic until this morning, but I still count that a triumph.) I also bought some plastic boxes to replace the battered cardboard ones that wouldn't close when stuffed with all the ornaments. See, I'm already more organized in 2009! *sarcastic snort*

2. Justin and I did stay up until midnight, but only because we got to talking in bed until 11:45, so it was impossible not to wait till 12. Then we smooched, wished each other Happy New Year, and went to sleep. I was pleasantly surprised at how many bloggers were proud to admit that they stayed home and many fell asleep long before the hour. Maybe this says something about bloggers and our lack of a social life, but oh well--at least I have found My People.

On a related note, we have GOT to start going to bed by 11, or next week it is going to be excruciating to wake up at 6:30.

3. Mr. Blue is well on his way to being potty trained. He has stayed dry for a couple of days now; he doesn't ask to go, but goes to the potty when reminded, does everything himself including getting on the "big potty," and gets his own Skittle as a reward. He does not like to wear a pullup when we go anywhere, so we try to let him wear his underwear as much as possible.

He has not learned how to poop in the potty, so that's not fun, but we'll get there. The thought that this is the last time I'll have to potty train a child is an exhilarating one. (Of course, then we'll probably get a puppy.)



  1. Everytime I get some sort of aching to have a baby, i immediately think "potty training" and the ache goes away... fast.

  2. Hey SITSta...
    I have vistied you before. Hope you have a great 2009!

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    My sister is in the midst of potty-training, too. Sounds like tons of fun. LOL

  4. Thanks for coming into my world(s)...and did you realize you were visiting a Texan as well...I feel the same way about cooking, but I have to clean up!

    I raised mine already if you go to December blogs you will see him 'maturing' in St Louis!

    Nice to meet ya'll!

  5. Yay for half potty trained kids! Bigger YAY for fully potty trained kids. Oh well, now you have something to work on (and we can all use that right?)

  6. I am absolutely with you on the decorations down on New Year's Day.
    I love to start the new year all fresh and glitter free and taking them down actually makes the house look clearner without actually having to clean! Bonus.

  7. I'm warning you, five years later you're going to get all nostalgic for pee accidents. Weird, eh?

  8. Glad to be one of Your People. ;-) I managed to stay awake until midnight because we watched a movie, and also because Jonny had been sweet enough to go out to the store to buy me some sparkling grape juice which I insisted I needed. Couldn't very well go to sleep and miss using it after he bought me some!!

  9. Oh me too! Tree down, ornaments packed into new plastic containers I bought at Lowes and in the shed, now...and I hope Mr Blue decides to complete his "toilet" in the bathroom!

  10. Awwww... that midnight smooch is precious! how can anyone not wait till midnight to wish their loved ones Happy New Year! We are the extreme-mist, went out to see the fireworks... *laugh*

  11. Wishing you poop in the potty soon. I still remember that day.

  12. I loved getting to know you this year through the blogs... you were one of the first I read regularly.

    Here is to a FABULOUS 2009. And new jeans.