Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iced In

We had an ice storm last night and most of the schools in the area closed. At 6:30 our district was saying it was delayed two hours, but I just discovered they went ahead and closed. Just as well, since I wasn't sending Miss Pink anyway. Not because I'm scared of the ice--her school is literally one block away--but because I thought this was a good day to stay home and keep warm with a fire and hot chocolate.

I actually had a day like that yesterday, too--and without the kids. The guy from AT&T came to install U-verse for us, and Justin ended up staying home because it was icy up by his shop (and it's COLD in there because they only have heat in the office), so he helped the guy wire everything in and did some other stuff around the house. I couldn't exercise or use the Internet or mop the floors (you KNOW I was disappointed about that last one!) so I pulled out my scrapbooking stuff and got a bunch of layouts done. I'm all through with 2008 except Christmas Day. It was lovely having plenty of time to dig around in my stash of supplies--I'm finally getting some extra stuff so that I don't have to buy specific papers and embellishments for each layout.

And Justin and I went to lunch together to a soup and sandwich place. I've been wanting to try it but they're only open for breakfast and lunch, and I knew the kids wouldn't like it. The food was really good. I like having unexpected dates with my sweetie!

So that's about it. Oh, except that we also bought a 36" TV off Craigslist yesterday because the tiny one we were going to put in the playroom didn't work. So I was just showing Justin how Craigslist works and there was this TV put up for sale yesterday morning for only $75. We called and offered cash and the deal was done. The only problem, if you can call it a problem, was that we didn't realize just how BIG it is. Justin got it home--it was so heavy he had to get the neighbor to help carry it in. We quickly realized it wouldn't fit in the playroom entertainment unit at all. No problem, we'll just put our current TV out there and the new one in the living room. It was STILL too big until Justin took the retracting doors off of the living room unit and then it barely fit in there--but now it's perfect! And we didn't need those doors anyway. Thank goodness my husband knows how to take things apart as well as build them!



  1. I'm on day two of being home from work and it's been wonderful. We've worked on Livie's room and gotten it all rearranged and organized and ready for Millie to move in.

    The TV we got for Christmas barely fits in our entertainment center, and you have to turn it sideways in order to close the retractable doors. But that was my requirement, that if we were going to buy a new TV that it had to fit in the entertainment center we already have. Jonny just barely made it!!

  2. Unexpected ice day here too. I'm welcoming it though. What is the name of the soup and sandwich place, you have me curious! Enjoy the hot chocolate.

  3. I love those days... lunch with your sweetie!!

  4. I wanna too big tv! And a sandwich (alone) with my husband.