Monday, November 9, 2015

Mount Washmore

Whew, almost missed the deadline again. I felt better today but I was very busy catching up on the things I didn't do yesterday, so a picture will have to do.

This needed to be shown in the extra-large size. I once heard it called "Mount Washmore." This is not even all of it: Mount Washmore grew by about two more loads, plus there was a set of our sheets that was not shown.

It's almost all folded now, except for some of L's clothes because he is as slow. as. molasses. when folding. He seemed shocked when I told him he would have to spend some of his precious time in the morning folding the rest.

Good night, my lovelies.


  1. *Mine* did. I don't worry about anyone else's. That's the beauty of this method.

    If an item like a sock is missing, it's almost always a) still in the hamper, unwashed or b) in a sibling's drawer. They both have to wear uniform pants/shorts and athletic wear is unisex happens.