Friday, November 6, 2015

OOTD: Not to Be Confused With an Alien Species

So after a waste of an hour at the car dealership in which my car refused to exhibit the symptoms it had been doing when I drive it, I finally headed to work and had lunch with my husband, picked up our new clothes embroidered with the company logo (exciting!), and then came back to the shop to spend some important blogging time before heading out to the bank and to pick up the kids. Except people kept giving me other things to do, like, you know, actual work. I know, right?

Life is so different A.T. (After Teaching), I'm telling you. Last year, I couldn't blog at all because I was so stressed. My one-sentence journal for one day read, "Two kids broke a desk today by sitting on it. This is my life now."

I don't miss that life at all. Blogging every day. That's my life now. How ya like me now, hooligans?

Anywho (and don't you hate people who say that, unless YOU, faithful reader, say that, in which case, I love you, but cut that mess out), I have some important info to share with you.

[Pause for me to picture y'all perched breathlessly on the edge of your seats. Don't disillusion me. This is my Purpose in Life now, remember?] 

This is my OOTD. 
 What is an OOTD, you ask? Yes, it does sound like a gentle species in Doctor Who, but this is not to be confused with the Ood. 

Dear merciful TARDIS, I hope no one confuses me with an Ood (shudder). Although their jackets are kind of snazzy. 

ANYWHO, one's OOTD stands for Outfit Of The Day, a term quite commonly used by fashion bloggers. Y'all were so kind on FB yesterday about my sloppy outfit (although the hat did add a layer of panache) that I  thought I'd show you an outfit where I was trying to follow the supreme guidance of Pinterest and wear the uniform of my species, the suburban mom. 

Unfortunately, that means I took a crappy picture in low light, but I was running late so I had to go with what I had. I'm really quite proud of copying creating a fashion-forward fall look all on my own! And note that none of this was Stitch Fix. 

The navy and white checked shirt is from the Ralph Lauren factory outlet summer sale and I snatched it up the minute I saw it. I love gingham. It's a little narrow at the bottom so I left the bottom button unbuttoned. It's a S and fits me perfectly in the shoulders and arms so no worries.

The olive green quilted vest is from Old Navy, a M so it would zip if necessary. Again, snatched it up when I first saw it instead of waiting for it to go on sale like a dummy because I knew (again from Pinterest, my fashion oracle) that vests like this are very "on-trend" and can be much more expensive. This is my replacement for the military jackets I'd been pinning for my Stitch Fix stylist, which I only wanted for looks and not because anyone NEEDS an actual JACKET around here. (Glares angrily at the weather report) Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Moving on! The jeans are Levi's Denizen from Target. They are probably the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned, and they cost $27.00. How about that, Nordstrom premium denim that doesn't even fit me anymore but that at least I wore enough to (sort of) justify the $100+ price tag? I need to get a boot-cut version of these jeans. These are perfect for rolling up. I'm wearing the "Curvy Skinny" fit and this completely eliminated the horrid gap in the waistband that so many of us pear-shaped ladies dread. Also also also, the "Denizens" have so much stretch that they don't gap at the knees or stretch out at the waist after more than one wearing. I normally wear a size 6-8 and I'm wearing a 6 in these. I'm 5'2" and they fit me fine even without rolling them up. If you are tall, I don't know what to tell you. Be glad for me, because usually everything is too long for me.

But of course I am currently rolling all my jeans up. Because Pinterest told me to. And although I don't have the right ankle boots (I refuse to call them "booties" no matter what everyone else does), I plan to order some tomorrow. If you comment here or on FB that you want me to, tomorrow I'll show you the options I'm considering. I mean, I'm 90% decided, so unless you agree with me, it probably won't do any good, but you can try to change my mind.

After all, Pinterest changes my mind all the time.


  1. I like your OOTD. I vote for more OOTD! I love seeing what other people are wearing. And yes, it's all about the rolled jeans now - eeek!

  2. The rolled jeans look cute on you, though! I know you're nervous because you participated in the trend the first time...maybe I'm not as much because I wasn't allowed to wear pants back then!

    I love to see what other people are wearing too, but it might be more like OOTW...Outfit of the Week. Too much effort! Although it did make me try harder. I have a makeup post coming. Blogging every day is good for me!

  3. Super-cute outfit. I love vests, and I don't think I've worn one since university. Maybe my boobs are just too big. I also love your cute little flats, which are also out for me because my feet are so screwed that I need something with a humongous clunky sole (which I kind of like, so it's okay). Above all, THANK-YOU for not calling them booties.

  4. Thank you for the compliments! There are a lot of vest options out there right now. I can see a busty lady being wary, but if it was a thinner vest like this one & you don't snap/zip it up, it might work. You never know if you don't try. I myself thought vests were useless (after wearing them a lot in the late '90s).

    1. Also, I feel I am doing the world a favor by being the lone dissenting voice against calling them booties (hence the title of the next post).