Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Horror! The Horror!

I was going to blog about the Starbucks fake controversy, but that will have to wait because there is something more urgent that I feel I must address.

Y'all. Y'ALL.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are clip-on man buns.

I truly think I may have seen everything. It really feels like this is the End Times, y'all. Jesus just needs to come back and take us out of here. This world, it does not feel like home.

I am grateful that my husband doesn't have enough hair to attach one to his head and my son is too young to care about hair trends.

One of my teacher friends posted this on The Demon Facebook and tagged her college-student son, who apparently has taken great pains to grow a man bun and has succeeded in getting it long enough to put it in a ponytail and tuck the hair under once. His response was: "This angers me."

His mom commented that it was too bad he'd spent so much time and effort growing his hair when he could have just bought one of these, to which he replied, "Not that much effort, but I'll concede plenty of time."

I said, "Every woman ever knows about spending a lot of time on hair." In other words, no sympathy here, dudes with man buns. Why would you WANT to have hair long enough to put in a bun when short is so much easier?

During this conversation I had a revelation.

The man bun is this generation's mullet.

Think about it. A goofy-looking hairstyle that many guys sport, thinking how cool they look, never dreaming that one day it would be out of style and their kids will someday laugh themselves silly over pictures of Dad with a bun.

Also, can we talk about why it's called a "man bun" when a man wears it but on a woman, it's just a bun? There are quite a few things like this: purse = man purse (why not just "bag"?) The worst names are the compound "words" like "mandals" and "manpris." No. They are men's sandals and capris, period.

I don't want to have to say this again in my official capacity as the grammar police.

In other, more happy fashion news, I picked up my new ankle boots yesterday. I think I might have hit the fashion trifecta: stylish, comfortable, and inexpensive. You know that normally you have to pick any two. But these really are comfy and (after my $20-off coupon) only $34.00. There was no shipping charge since I picked them up in the store. I'll let y'all help me decide if they are on-trend:

I like this picture because it was much easier to take than a selfie. The blur of yellow is, of course, my scarf. That's a drop of water on my left foot, not a stain.

And now I will say good night because my daughter had her first basketball scrimmage at 5:00 this evening and we just got home.

Remember: just say no to clip-on man buns.


  1. Replies
    1. Well, yes. But I think that may be a lost cause.

  2. I agree with you on mandals and manpris, but a bun on a man is a man-bun. That's just how it is. And I'm thinking I might have to get one of these for Angus, because he said he was going to go full man-bun for the next school dance, but then he cut his hair.