Sunday, November 8, 2015


Not much to blog today. I have been feeling the effects of allergies for a few days, but today I was felled by a sinus headache during church. It didn't help that at the contemporary service worship set is performed with low overhead lights and flashing spotlights and music that somehow seemed much louder than usual to my throbbing head. I went out to take a Sudafed and Advil but still couldn't keep my eyes open during the sermon, so during the baptism service Justin asked me if I wanted to go to the car and lie down with my eyes closed. I did.

For some reason, food seems to activate medicine somehow. Or maybe it just "helps your feelings" as we say in our family until the medicine actually kicks in. Either way, some Raising Cane's chicken fingers and a real Coke helped immensely. I soon became comatose took a nap and after I woke up and Justin brought L back from his standing invitation to play at his school friend's house, I felt well enough to read 20 minutes of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda with L, supervise him writing a review for Biblionasium (which is a cool site for kids like Goodreads; it's so good for him to write reviews that go beyond a summary. The modern-day book report!) and cast an eye over the activities on Khan Academy he is zipping through. His teacher says he should move on to 5th grade activities soon. It really does seem incredibly easy for him.

Okay, that's all for tonight. Hoping for a better day with no headaches tomorrow.

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  1. Headaches are ASS. Hope you feel better today. Yesterday. The day after headache day. Whatever. You know.