Sunday, November 1, 2015

My First NaBloPoMo (Say That Five Times Fast)

So tonight I visited my feed reader for the first time in a week and in a post by the awesome Bibliomama, I realized it is NaBloPoMo. That sounds like gibberish, but it actually stands for National Blog Posting Month. It began as a reaction to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and basically it just means you post on your blog every day of the month. Even a picture counts. 

Well. I've been meaning to write more consistently for--oh, about ten years now. Surely I can do this for a month. 

But now it is 10:31 p.m. and my husband is making noises about going to bed and I really have nothing interesting to write about. 

I know--I will show you pictures of my kids in their Halloween costumes. 

 If you spend any time with an elementary-school aged child, you know that this is a Minecraft character. Like me, that might be all you know. FYI, this is a Minecraft skeleton. No, I don't know why a skeleton in Minecraft doesn't look anything like an actual skeleton, nor why a bow is its weapon of choice. 

To confess my total lameness, I must admit I did not make this. My son kept saying he wanted to borrow this costume, which his friend wore last year. It wouldn't be that difficult to make, but it would involve buying clothes...and paint...and finding a box... GAAAAHHH IT'S TOO HAAAAARD. So the week before Halloween I asked the other mom and she very graciously allowed L to borrow it. This year she made her son a Minecraft zombie costume, which is totally different except that it also has a box head and was painted in small colored squares. I solemnly swear that I will not ask to borrow the Minecraft zombie next year.

Here is C as the FaceTime app. You can't read it very well in this picture, but it says "Time" across her face. (Why yes, she loves puns.) She and her dad decorated the sweatshirt, which I think looks practically professionally done even though they just drew the app onto iron-on material. I say "just" like that meant it was quick and easy. At one point, I think I heard my husband say something about making sure the proportions of the drawing exactly matched the app. Hey, I think I know who can make L's costume next year!

And now it is 10:50 p.m. and I am tired but pleased that I have completed my first post for NaBloPoMo.


  1. As someone whose daughter was Life handing out lemons last year, you KNOW I approve. And the sweatshirt TOTALLY looks professionally done. And I have NO idea about anything Minecraft-related, but the costume is cool, and if you didn't have to make it yourself all the better.

    And here is a quote from my day one post for NaBloPoMo last year: "NO, there's nothing you can do about it, it's NaBloPoMo, I will be posting about the most asinine, out-of-date and irrelevant crap you can imagine and calling it good. I dropped a cracker earlier and didn't bother to pick it up because I was sunk deep in my reading chair with a book and a sherpa blanket and a pillow and it seemed like too much trouble to unfold myself and look for it. This type of thing will shortly comprise an entire blog post. With adjectives, and pathetic fallacy."

    So really, hon - the bar is VERY LOW. Glad to have you along. :)

  2. Life handing out lemons! I love it! And I may use the idea, if not for my daughter, then for myself, next year. Obviously I don't usually dress up, although last year I convinced most of the English department to be the Grammar Police.

    I snort-laughed when I read "With adjectives, and pathetic fallacy." Finally, a type of writing I can do!