Sunday, November 15, 2015


Yesterday was my girl's very first tournament as a middle school basketball player. They had three games, two of them back-to-back.

And she and her friends on "B" team rocked it! Tournament champs.

They all played very hard and were a real team. I look forward to seeing them learn more basketball skills as the year goes on, but they already have things that can't be taught: heart and hustle.


  1. Nice! Eve's last game was against a totally obnoxious team, and the refs weren't calling anything. She was pissed. But her team fought back hard so it wasn't the slaughter it looked like it might be. And she got a perfect left-handed layup, so she was happy.

    1. C said her back is bruised and her arm was clawed by one girl who was defending her too vigorously but never got called. Really the refs weren't calling much, including 3 seconds in the lane, and there was a ton of that. C just doesn't like what she perceives as injustice...but winning helped.