Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mr. Blue didn't get into the preschool I chose for the fall. Yesterday was the FIRST day for signing up (I'm assuming after the siblings of current students have had a chance to enroll) and the 2-year-old classes were already full. I could have gone yesterday, but it was cold and rainy, so after we got groceries, I thought, "Let's just go home." So now because we waited ONE day, we're on a waiting list, although close to the top.

It's actually okay with me if it doesn't work out. He's only two, it's not like preschool is a necessity. It was mainly going to be a safe place where he could play with other kids and learn a few things and do art projects that Mommy isn't creative enough to think up. And (let's be honest) so I could have some time alone for the first time in a few years. I would still like that to happen, and people move or change their minds, so if he gets in, I'll be happy. However, as long as he takes naps, I think I can survive the all-day togetherness. (I realize I have just jinxed myself. I am knocking on wood RIGHT NOW. Although not loudly enough to wake him up from his blessed, wonderful nap.)

My lack of distress probably has something to do with the fact that he's my baby. One more year at home all day--eh, that's fine, we'll take a music class and call it good. We have a playgroup and he does well in the gym daycare when we go, so those are good ways to break up the day. Plus I can think of other ways to spend the tuition.

He's already on the list for Miss Pink's current preschool (they don't have a two-year-old class anymore, or that's where he'd be going next year) so the '09 and '10 school years are good to go.

Now if I only knew for sure where Miss Pink will be going to kindergarten. The online lottery for Educational Nirvana (kidding) is Friday at 10 am. Send good wishes for fast fingers for me!


  1. Sending fabulous wishes for you and wow! the competition for a good school starts WAAAAAAAY sooner than I thought possible!

  2. The thing with the baby is that you know already that your child will turn out completely normal if he misses preschool when he is 2.

  3. You reminded me I'm one short year away from sending my son off to kindergarten. When did the pressure to place little ones in good schools overtake the stress of finding a good college? I don't even know where to begin.