Sunday, March 9, 2008

Week in Review, 3/2--3/8

Things that made me happy

1. Mr. Blue asks me to sing “Hush Little Baby” to him while I rock him for a few minutes before bed, and as I sing, he lays his head back against my arm and his lips move. He’s singing along with me.

2. The ham and bean soup I made this week. It was delicious, and the cornbread I served with it was so good dipped in the broth.

3. Not to beat a dead horse (what a disgusting metaphor!), but Miss Pink getting into the charter school definitely made me happy.

4. Miss Pink has started receiving an allowance: $2.50 a week—half her age. It will increase accordingly as she gets older. She has been extra polite and willing to do her chores. I know that this probably won’t last since familiarity breeds contempt, but it was a pleasant week around here.

5. Justin and I got to have a date yesterday. I like spending time with my husband, even after nearly 11 years!

Things that bothered me

1. Beautiful 70-degree weather followed a day later by ice and snow. Barely any snow, but still. It’s the flip-flopping between warm and cold that bothers me the most. Plus people in Texas freak out too much when there is any wintery weather. (Canadians, please don’t laugh at us wimps. And don’t hate me for complaining when I’m lucky enough to enjoy warm days in between the cold blasts.)

2. My favorite flannel pajama pants are finally developing a hole in the crotch. They are ten years old (from the Gap, if anyone’s interested in which brand lasted so long) and I am sad that they will have to be thrown out after the cold snaps are ended.

3. It is not getting easier to give up sweets. I’d thought that perhaps I would detox after a week and not crave them. Sadly, that is not the case. I didn’t know how much candy is sold in every store, until now.

4. I’m not looking forward to spending spring break at my m-i-l’s house. Too many reasons to go into now, plus discretion is the better part of valor, but y’all are going to have to pray for me.

That’s really it. My blessings do far outnumber my complaints. Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Good news about the charter school! (I'm just now catching up on blogs from last week.)

  2. The soup sounds delicious!

    I'm in Dallas, and yes, last week was weird weather wise. Ummm, I don't mind ANY of the seasons, but could we not have ALL of them in the same week? Please?