Saturday, March 29, 2008

Week in Review, 3/24--3/29


1. The silver shoes I bought for 50% off. Every spring I get a craving for one specific trendy item that will refresh my wardrobe and make me feel like I am in style instead of a woman who wears yoga pants and a tee shirt 4 out of 7 days a week. Mission accomplished: these shoes will go with 7 or 8 outfits that I can think of, just off the top of my head. And did I mention I got a great deal?

2. I ate a waffle cone chock full of coffee ice cream mixed with crushed Heath bar, from Marble Slab tonight. And it was worth every minute I will have to spend on the treadmill to burn it off.

3. Miss Pink went to the dentist and had no cavities! (It’s not because she doesn’t eat candy. Apparently she has her daddy’s indestructible teeth [knocking on wood].)

Not liking:

1. The “light” orange juice that is made of watered-down OJ and Splenda. It doesn’t taste like real juice, especially since I like a lot of pulp and this had none. Next time I stop trying to save calories and buy the real thing.

2. The books I read this week, which were mediocre and the worst part of that was: somehow I KNEW they would be, but went against my instincts because one was well reviewed and I kind of like the blog of the other one’s author. It was like I went on a blind date even though I didn’t want to because all my friends say the guy’s great, then once we’re out together, I can see he’s not terrible but he just isn’t my type.

3. Mr. Blue has been very terrible-twoish this week. I know it’s because he’s been sick, but there has been much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and I understand why God is willing to cast people who WON’T LISTEN TO HIM into everlasting darkness.


  1. Fabulous news on Miss Pink's teeth. The books? Sometimes you just know!

  2. I wondered about the orange juice. I've been drinking protein shakes made with Orange juice and Vanilla flavored whey protein. It tastes good, but I think it has too much sugar. I was thinking of trying the lite orange juice. Maybe it would be okay mied in a shake. Ya think?

  3. Brattishness is making the rounds. The Baby has been a pip lately.

    I like this sort of post, all good and bad mixed together.

  4. #1: I have the opposite problem--I bought a few cute things to replace my yoga pants and ugly tanks but have no shoes! Looking for something besides $2 flipflops for once :)--silver sounds cute--photo? source?

  5. Nothing beats a great deal on shoes! And thanks for the tip on orange juice. Here's a tip for you in return: do not eat the Vermont sugar-free (with Splenda) syrup. I had sugar free syrup at IHOP that wasn't too bad, but it definitely wasn't this Vermont crap. Ack! Just thinking about it grosses me out all over again.