Monday, March 3, 2008

Top 10 Basics in My Closet

So there's been a lot of discussion (okay, I have no idea if it's been a LOT) about the top 10 basics Oprah has decreed that women should have in their closets, and Susan at Friday Style asked her readers to list THEIR basics, since everyone's basics can be different based on their age, career, and lifestyle. I decided to do it, because in the past few years I have really started to pay attention to clothes--I watch WNTW and Project Runway every week, and have picked up some good tips for fit, accessorizing, etc. (well, not from PR. That's just for fun.)

Disregard the fact that I get dressed in workout clothes almost every morning, because I DO go work out in them, and I change afterwards! Well, sometimes I change. Sometimes I don't, because Pilates doesn't make me sweaty. But I COULD change into these basics, if I wanted to. So there.

1.Fitted leather jacket. I have a trench coat, which was on the original list, and I like it, but it doesn't go with everything, and it's a pain to get on and off with the belt. I wear it sometimes, but I wear my leather jacket more.

2. Denim jacket. When I want a more casual look. I actually need a better one.

3. Dark jeans. Of course.

4. Season-appropriate pants in a neutral color: this winter, black corduroys. Khaki for summer. I tend to bring color and pattern into my wardrobe with tops and skirts, not pants.

5. Fitted tees in several colors. Hanes Perfect Tees work for me. Also some from Target, if I am careful to stay out of the juniors department. I have two long-sleeved ones from Ann Taylor that are nice.

6. A couple of blazers, to dress up the jeans-and-tee look we moms have going on.

7. Sweaters in neutrals (black, gray, navy, camel) and colors (pink, green, orange--different sweaters, of course!) These have various necklines (v-neck, crew, turtleneck).

8. Knee-length skirts, for both dress and casual. Straight and A-line. Since I'm short (5'2"), I have learned to be ruthless with myself and only buy skirts that are at or slightly above the knee. No more looking stumpy!

Edited to add: I'm looking for a knee-length denim skirt (darker wash preferred) and I'm not having any luck--maybe when spring gets here for real, I'll have more options. Any suggestions? ($50 or less, please!)

9. Button-down shirts. I was given several high-quality (read: expensive) shirts in some good colors, plus I had a white Banana Republic one. Since they're fitted, I like to wear them untucked over jeans, with a cute necklace.

10. Can't forget dresses. I stopped buying dresses while I was nursing babies, and now I LOVE my dresses. Most of them are for church. I need a couple of more casual spring dresses, maybe an adorable sundress? I feel the urge to shop coming on...


  1. Last year I got a fabulous denim skirt from Banana Republic in a super dark wash. I love that skirt and seriously have worn it at least 50 times since I bought it. I don't remember the price exactly, but want to say somewhere around $60?

  2. This post definitely calls for a shopping spree!

  3. BTW, if you click on my username, I've started a separate, somewhat secret blog.

  4. Sigh. My wardrobe has no thought behind it at all. Grim.