Saturday, March 1, 2008

Week in Review, 2/24--3/1

Things that made me happy

1. Going out to dinner and a movie with my friends last night. We had so much fun!

2. Making these cool tags about “The Big Picture”—all the things that are important enough to me to document in scrapbooking. They came labeled things like “people,” “culture,” “food,” “music,” “home,” etc. I’m writing on them, obviously, but also decorating them with paint, ribbon, tiny silk flowers, and collage-y elements, Along with blogging, scrapbooking makes me feel I am capturing (some of) the everyday moments of our lives, which will be precious in the years to come.

3. My kids getting to play outside since it was warmer this week. They loved it.

4. Miss Pink was so happy about some Strawberry Shortcake sneakers that I bought for her that it made my heart glad. I love doing things for my children when they ask nicely and are grateful.

5. Kissing Mr. Blue’s neck this morning. I just could eat him up with a SPOON!

Things that bothered or saddened me

1. Justin’s uncle died. He was Justin’s father’s oldest brother (Justin’s father, as the youngest of the six siblings, was the first to die.) Goodbye, Uncle Kent. I never really got to know you, but you seemed like a sweet man. I think it also reminds me of when Sonny died, although their deaths were different.

2. I’m a little worried about Justin coming back from the viewing tonight. He drove 6 ½ hours there, will attend the viewing, and insists on driving back afterwards. I tried to get him to spend the night, but that man is STUBBORN.

3. I didn’t feel I got anything done this week. I mean, besides the usual preparing food, dressing-and-undressing-and bathing-kids, changing diapers, cleaning up the kitchen, and doing laundry. When I put it that way, I did a lot. Plus I wrote some things. Okay, I feel better. (I have a pathological need to feel useful, as if I am required to justify taking up space on the planet.)

4. This shouldn’t be something I am sad about, but I’ve decided to give up sweets for the church fast until Easter (my friend L calls it “mini-Lent”). I am starting for real tomorrow. It will be interesting; my blog posts may be much more crabby at first, until I detox.

5. I miss Justin. We need a date night soon. Anyone want to volunteer to babysit?

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  1. We'll babysit for you! When do you want to go? Just email me.