Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jobs I Would Not Be Good At

I have a quirky mental habit of coming up with jobs I could do to support myself if I had to. Of course anything that requires specialized training, like being a doctor or a pilot, is out. Here are some other careers I should never pursue.
  • Animal trainer. I don't have any experience with animals. Unless you count my children.
  • Pizza delivery person, or UPS driver, or any other job that requires driving to locations I've never been before. Also, I have a little problem with scraping stationary objects with my car.
  • Exercise class instructor. I'd be like, "Let's do five reps. Okay, now let's just lie here and rest for five minutes...maybe take a little nap."
  • Door-to-door salesperson or telemarketer. I HATE to sell things, so I'd start with something like, "I know you probably don't want to buy this, but..."
  • Anything in the medical field that involves needles and blood. I don't faint at the sight of either one, but I don't want to poke needles into other people. Especially babies.
  • Housecleaner. I believe this one is self-explanatory.


  1. I want to be in your exercise class!! - Leann

  2. Okay that was hilarious. I could handle animals (farm-type... not pets) and blood, but the rest are true for me too. My parents have contemplated more than once giving me a GPS gadget for Christmas. :-P

  3. Haha! I'd also love to join your exercise class. It's right in line with how I like to work out.

    If I could pick one job to not do, it would be a telemarketer. I hate making phone calls, even to people I know really well. So it just wouldn't work. I'd sit in my cubicle and look and the phone, willing myself to pick it up, and would get fired instead. :-p

  4. Personal chef. I could do it--I make six individual lunches every day :)

  5. *Hi-Five*
    the above is NOT for me too!
    they'll just end my life sooner. *laugh*

    though I'd my own retail biz for 7years, I'm still not a sales person by nature...*laugh* probably that's why the biz couldn't last long!

  6. Ha ha... I didn't think I could be a fitness instructor... but life takes you on different turns.

    However, I'd have to add a few more jobs I would not be good at:

    Lawyer - I can't keep all those lies straight
    Politician (though some people have asked me!!)
    Engineer - way too detailed...


  7. Ditto on all of it! ...except maybe the exercise instructor. That actually sounds fun to me. :)

  8. The exercise instructor is cracking me up! (The house cleaner is making me cry. I've been so sick all week and my house is a wreck!)