Monday, February 9, 2009

What I Learned This Week

This is my first week to participate in Jo-Lynne's What I Learned This Week Carnival over at Musings of a Housewife.

I learned that if I let my kids take a crocheted afghan outside to have a picnic, it will get dirty dead leaves stuck in the yarn. And even though an elderly lady at church made it for Miss Pink's baby shower, I am considering throwing it away because I don't know how to get those leaves out. And that it will stay on top of my dryer for a week while I ignore it try to decide what to do. (Any ideas? Should I just wash it on gentle cycle?)

I learned that McDonald's (at least the one near me) does not host birthday parties anymore. So it looks like Mr. Blue's party will be here at the house since my motto for birthday parties is to keep them as cheap as possible for as long as possible. It also means I have a lot of cleaning in my near future--before AND after the party.

I learned that almost nothing makes me more proud than when Miss Pink reads me a book. (Last night it was Go Dog Go.) It's so awesome to experience this milestone with her!

I learned that when you have PMS, you should just go ahead and cry. It's best if I can do this when I'm alone. I feel better now and I didn't stir up any conflict with my husband when it's hormones anyway.



  1. Ooh, leaves on afghan (wish I knew how to help - try the washing on cold), quick-change birthday party, kids reading to you & PMS sounds like a load of crying on the menu...

    Glad you could get it out :D

  2. Good lessons especially the one about just crying. It's therapeutic, isn't it?
    I would try the afghan on delicate with woolite, no dryer. I love when my kids read...especially to each other. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I would was the afghan on the gentle cycle, cold water. We have a designated "picnic blanket" at our house. I just shake it and throw it in the wash.
    And, I've found that crying is always a good idea.

  4. Excellent lessons! It's my first week, as well. 8-]

    Crying can be so cathartic. Good idea to get it all out before interacting with dh.

    Hope your afghan comes out OK. Maybe the kids could do a 'pick the leaves out and make a collage' project. 8-}

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  5. Might as well attempt the gentle cycle if you just plan on tossing it anyway...

    Finally - a mom who thinks rationally about birthday parties. I'm with you!

  6. I am no help on the afghan. But I am with you on cheap birthday parties. I always want to have them "off property" but always end up having them here in the end because of cost. Hope it goes well! :-)

  7. Sometimes a good cry is really what you need. If I don't want people to see me crying, I usually go for the shower.

  8. What kind of McDonalds doesn't do bday parties?!?!

    I'm with Vanessa... I head for the shower to get it all out! -- Leann

  9. I love this idea of what you learned this week! and I couldn't agree more with the milestone of kids learning to read. I still love to listen to my 7 yr old! :)

  10. Can you take your cake into the McD's and let the kids play on the playground? We can do that at ours and have had several parties that way!