Thursday, March 26, 2009

I did it

Thanks to all of you for your input on Facebook. I went ahead and signed up and so far I'm having fun with it. I've caught up with several friends whom I haven't seen in ages. It's especially fun to see pictures of their kids.

If you are on Facebook and would like to friend me, email me at hairlinefracture at gmail and we'll exchange information. Also, I'm keeping this blog separate from my Facebook account. Since I'm a pastor's kid, in the past some people would read my blog posts and if I vented, they would email them to my dad. Blogstalking + tattletaling! SO mature. That's actually why I stopped blogging on Xanga and started using Blogger. A lot of the same people (not to mention family) are on Facebook, which is fine for casual updates but this blog is where I share my deeper thoughts and feelings.

*tearing up* Did you know, dear readers, that you complete me?

That was me being silly. But I do need to write and this has become my place to do most of my writing. I have learned to edit what I write (even here! because I don't want to afflict you with TMI) and that doesn't mean I am not being myself. At the time of the above incident, I was in therapy, learning about who I really was and how to be that person. I was tired of pretending to be perfect and I was excited to say what I thought and felt, whenever I wanted to. Plus I didn't really understand that the Internet is a public place, and anyone can read your words unless you prevent them from doing so. I AM myself here, and on Facebook, just different layers of me.

I'm like an onion. I have layers.

What is with me and the silly references to movies?

Anyway, blogging is my first love and I'll never abandon it for Facebook. I may have a stalker here; I wouldn't know. I guess I just prefer my blog to be stalked by total strangers than by judgmental acquaintances. Lots of love and y'all have a lovely day.



  1. I understand that. There are certain people that I wish didn't know about my blog so I could be more open, but oh well.

    Welcome to Facebook!

  2. I know I always freak out if I post anything on Facebook that I think someone else might not agree with. I have a wide variety of friends/family members. I try to be honest on my blog and in Facebook both. My mom hasn't read my blog yet, but as soon as she figures out how to pull it up on her computer she will! (She's a little technologically challenged.) I know that it'll be interesting having everyone read my thoughts, but something I've been working on for years (in therapy and out of therapy) is to learn to be myself. People can accept it or not... even people I've know forever and that I grew up with in church. It's okay. Anyway, welcome to Facebook!

  3. I always think of Shrek when I hear the analogy of an onion having layers. You know...when Donkey and Shrek are walking along and Shrek is talking about having layers and Donkey says, "like a parfait?" or something to that effect.

    I'll go away now.

  4. Good for you for the Facebook sign up. It's nice to meet your stalkers! ;)

  5. This is a genius line: "I just prefer my blog to be stalked by total strangers than by judgmental acquaintances"

    I think I live like that, too. Maybe I'll see you on FB :D

  6. I am on their, I am new to it, but I don't like it that much. If I wasn't friends with you in Highschool, I don't really want to be friends now either.

    Call me crazy

  7. I have a hidden anonymous blog, simply for me. It's actually really positive. I'm taking the 'Grace in small things' challenge - to be thankful for something every day for a year.

    I'm just not confident about the quality of my writing, and as my kids and husband feature highly I want to protect their privacy.

  8. Thanks for friending me on Facebook! I love being connected to those I care about in multiple locations. That way if you don't see me one place, you are sure to see me in another!

  9. You say onion and layers and I can't help but hear donkey. Moms! With young kids!

    Have fun. (eek.)

  10. I have the same preference with my stalkers. I'm thinking of putting my Xanga on Friends Only. I'm glad you're on FB now! - Leann