Monday, March 16, 2009

What I Learned This Week #5

  • I now enjoy having people over, especially since we got the playroom. I used to shy away from inviting more than a couple of friends over at a time, since the house seemed overcrowded to me with larger groups. We have a smaller house than many of the people we know, so I guess I was comparing my house to theirs. Silly, I know. Then a few years ago we had home friendship groups and had people over around once a month, so I got used to welcoming people into our home. But I still didn't really like having parties here. Now we've had a birthday party and a baby shower in the last three weeks, and are having people over for breakfast next Saturday. It's a bit of work to get ready for company, but as I've said before, it motivates me to get the house clean and then I always enjoy the company!
  • I was wondering the other day what Miss Pink does to make the bottoms of her socks so filthy. Then I looked at the bottom of my socks. Oh.
  • It is useful to have two TVs since one kid wants to watch "Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks" over and over, and the other one...doesn't.
  • This week, I'm letting the kids watch more TV than usual. Before I had kids, I was sure that the TV would remain off the vast majority of the time. Then I had kids and needed to be able to take a shower now and then. I still try to limit their screen time, but's spring break, and if Mama's going to have any kind of break, there's gonna be some TV for the kids.
  • Speaking of TV, we have the Boomerang channel now, and Miss Pink is loving all the older cartoons like "Tom and Jerry" and "The Pink Panther" (whose musical theme is still VERY cool). Some cartoons have stood the test of time for me, while "The Smurfs" isn't really my cup of tea anymore (it would be odd if I still liked it, actually.)
That's all I've got! Check out the What I Learned This Week carnival if you're so inclined!



  1. You let your kids watch tv so you can shower? Oh my, that's just shocking. Everyone knows that a good mother will wait until she's surrounded by dust clouds and buzzing flies before she even considers letting her kids watch tv while she showers, and maybe not even then. Hey, cleanliness is overrated.


  2. Here is what I do to get the bottoms of our socks really clean...... I buy new ones :)

  3. We're big fans of the old school cartoons too! I felt the same way about having playdates at our house but really the kids and moms didn't care. It was me. Everyone just wanted to get together and play and chat.

  4. Chuckling at the sock thing. Yup, us too.

    And the Smurfs. I used to love the Smurfs but then that's back when there was nothing else on. I watched it not too long ago and it struck me as off. Not off good. And they always seemed so creamy blue before. The cartoon seems barren now. Ah, such it is with age.

  5. I am with you.. I never thought I would have the tv on much.. but things like going to the bathroom and taking a 3.5 minute shower are necessary ;-)

  6. We love Boomerang! My kids will run for the tv when Tom and Jerry is one, and hubby loves watching Tail spin and some others too. It is wonderful!

  7. Do you have wood floors? When we had wood floors our socks were ALWAYS dirty. Sigh...

  8. LOL at the sock thing! And I have to agree that some cartoons have stood the test of time. We still like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry!
    Blessings to you.

  9. I use the TV not so much as a babysitter as a kiddie drug to induce a near comatose state so they don't fight as much to get dressed in the mornings, and in the car so Jonny & I can have an uninterrupted 30 second conversation or so they'll stop arguing. Its the opiate of the backseat. :-) -- Leann