Monday, March 16, 2009

There Goes My Self-Esteem

There is an elderly woman at our church who just seems to have the gift of tactlessness (well, actually there are several, but this one's comments are the funniest.) Yesterday she was watching Miss Pink and said to me, "How did you and Justin have such a beautiful child?"

You know, 'cause we're so hideous.

I gulped and said, "Thanks!" with an ironic undertone which was completely lost on her. I never can think of what to say to her when she smacks me with a left-handed compliment.

Then later Justin said to Mr. Blue, "Isn't your mommy pretty?"

And my son said in his husky voice, "No."

Well, alrighty then. So much for the special bond between little boys and their mommies!



  1. Arrrrrr! That's half way between a spitting laugh and an Oh no she di'n't!

  2. You could have said "rumor is she's adopted" but it wouldn't be five minutes and everyone in the village would have had you kidnapping someone elses child...sometimes the only way to deal with people like that is a smart smack with the umbershoot!

  3. Hi.
    I'm stopping by via SITS to say hello.
    Have a great week!

  4. How did you and Justin have such a beautiful child?

    You might have described your night of passion to her. :)

  5. I like Musing's suggestion. What a dumb question for the lady to ask. Duh.