Friday, March 6, 2009


Okay, so not many of you were interested in last week's question about books. And I just vetoed the next question in the book, which was, "If you could ask the current pope one question, what would it be?"

Meh. I'd have a conversation with the Pope, if the opportunity arose, but I can't think of one particular question I'd like to ask him.

So instead, I'd like to know: If you could have one person from history live his or her full life over again, starting now, who would you pick?

I'll be honest--my first thought was Jesus, because I think we can always use some more Jesus. (Can I get a witness?) After saying last week that I'd want the Bible on my island, though, I think I'm giving the impression that I'm a super-spiritual Christian who prays three hours a day or something. Which is not the case. But I do wonder how today's world would respond to Jesus. The media reactions alone would be riveting. However, I don't think much would change if he came back to live on earth again. Some would follow him, some would dismiss him and some would try to destroy him, just like the first time around.

My other thought: I'd like to have one of the founding fathers come back and clear up all the confusion about the Constitution. "No, that is NOT what we meant," he could say. But wouldn't it be cruel to show him how messed-up things have gotten?



  1. This is terribly interesting. I'm going to have to discuss this with my husband first. Once he gets me going it will turn into a great debate and surely someone will come to mind. I'll come back.

  2. My first thought was MLK, but only if he wouldn't get assassinated again. -- Leann

  3. I've wondered if the founding fathers wouldn't argue over the whole issue--I bet there were differences of opinions on strict construction v. activism.

  4. I've seen you around the blogosphere and wanted to stop by. What great questions......I would say Jesus, too. :)