Thursday, July 16, 2009

And now, in an effort to stop myself from writing any more long, tortured, job-hunting posts, I present a few tidbits from my fevered brain.

  • You know it's hot when you look forward to a "cool front" that will bring the temps down to the 90s.
  • My inability to remember to take a closeup shot for my Facebook profile. It's FACEbook, not "Faraway shot of you with your whole family"book. Don't know why it bothers me, though. It's not like I'm so vain that I think everyone needs to see my face. In fact, that's why I don't have a suitable picture--I don't even think about having my picture taken. It's a vicious circle.
  • "Vicious" looks like it's spelled wrong to me. I'm a good speller, but sometimes a word just seems wrong even when it's not.
  • I can't get enough of Mr. Blue's tan little arms and legs. I diligently spray him with sunscreen and he still turns a beautiful toasted color. And his hair looks blonder. Like a little surfer boy. *swoon*
  • Miss Pink is into learning about space these days. The size of the universe just baffles me. I think about the billions of stars as big as our sun, just in our galaxy...and the myriad galaxies just as full of stars and their planets...and then I decide I am through with thinking about the vastness of space and eat some chocolate.
  • Our church is doing a series on Wednesday nights called "I Am Second." You may have seen the TV ads a while back. (There are some great videos of people's stories here.) I was watching Brian Welch, the former lead singer of Korn, talk about how his dream did come true: he was more successful, made more money, and sang to bigger crowds than he'd ever dreamed possible. And then he got addicted to drugs and hit bottom. Which makes me realize that when I think I'd be happier with more money or success, I'm looking at it the wrong way. If having lots of money and achieving your dreams would fulfill a person, then celebrities would be the happiest people in the world, and that's obviously false. When I think like that that, I'm putting the things that should be second first. When I put the eternal first and my desires second, everything works the way it should.
Wow, I just preached to myself there! I guess the Facebook shot isn't so important now!

And now I must talk myself into doing a little work around my much-neglected house before we're off to go swimming to cool off.



  1. It's FACEbook, not "Faraway shot of you with your whole family"book.

    THAT made me laugh SO HARD. ANd I NEEDED A laugh VERY badly ... so THANK YOU

  2. I remembered to go watch the Korn guy's video after this post since I missed it at church, and WOW. Personal testimonies are so powerful.