Sunday, July 5, 2009

I'm back! Well, I never actually went anywhere but I was not on the Internet for a few days while I was studying to take a test to be certified to teach PreK--4th grade. Okay, that's not actually true either. I was on the Internet a little bit, but I only had the mental energy to skim the blogs I subscribe to and not enough to come up with any comments or to post an update. I really did study a lot from last Sunday to Wednesday. I haven't studied that much since college, 13 years ago (dear God, I'm old). My proven study method is to write down everything important in condensed form. Then read it back to myself, preferably out loud. Then if there's time, try to quiz myself. I did the first two with the 400-page book I bought to study. At one point my hand cramped up. But I just learn things better when I write them.

I did very little around the house while I was studying. The kids watched more TV than usual, the laundry piled up, and our meals were less nutritious than usual. Justin was a big help, though. He took a day off and took the kids to swimming lessons so that I could have some uninterrupted study time, and every night he took care of their needs while I studied.

And I'm pretty sure I passed--I'd be really surprised if I didn't. There were only about 3 questions that I had to blindly guess between two choices--and 50-50 is still pretty good odds. In a couple of days, I'll find out if I'm certified to teach elementary.

However, I didn't get the job at my daughter's school. Naturally, I was disappointed, but not shocked, because a lot of teachers in the district probably applied, and the woman who got the job is currently teaching at that grade level. The principal was nice enough to compliment me on my enthusiasm and skills, and said she'd be happy to consider me if anything else came up. Which was nice of her to say, but I doubt it will this year. This is the absolute last minute for teachers to resign, and if I get offered another job that seems like a good fit, I'm going to take it so I can start preparing. If it's a secondary (6-12) job, I probably won't ever teach elementary. So I felt bad for an hour or two, because I worked so hard taking this test I may not even need. And then I took a deep breath and reminded myself that I had decided to walk through the doors that open, not bang my head on the doors that stay closed. At least I have increased my options.

I have applications out at several nearby school districts, for quite a few different jobs. I am having a hard time not getting impatient, even though I just applied for some of them Thursday and it was a holiday weekend so...yeah, I wasn't going to hear anything. It's just that everything in this whole process has been so super-speedy that I guess I just expected to get calls right away.

Even if I don't get a full-time job, I can sub several days a week and get my foot in the door, maybe end up with a long-term subbing position. I've known subs to get permanent jobs that way. But there is a good chance I will get something in the next month since the schools are still looking for people. It's so funny to me that I'm applying for anything from 2nd grade to seniors.

In other news, the kids finished their swimming lessons. This is their third year taking lessons from these teachers, who are P.E. teachers during the year, so both women are very patient and good at giving feedback. Every year I'm amazed at how much the kids learn. Miss Pink is now swimming across the length of the pool, getting dive sticks off the bottom, swimming underwater, and has started to learn the backstroke. Mr. Blue (who has only done Mommy & Me before this year) spent the first four days screaming because he didn't like going underwater, but then he was fine and and can even swim a little on top of the water without being held, and can swim underwater to get a ring off the steps.

On the Fourth we got up early to participate in a neighborhood parade by my parents' house. Then we hung around, the kids and I made a cake decorated like a flag, and we grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch. We came back to our house and then watched the fireworks from the flat roof on top of our playroom. Today my brother and his fiancee came to church and went out to lunch with us. It's been a good weekend.



  1. You just wrote a test that will open many doors. It shows your determination. And you know, who can forsee the future? It might be exactly what you need one day. I'm proud of you.

  2. I'm excited to see where you land! Why will you never teach elementary if you get a secondary job? Is that the way it works - you get pigeon-holed? - Leann

  3. The hard work is paying off. Even if you only sub this year, there is always next year too. This year isn't the be all end all. My cousin got a 6 month subbing job that turned into a permanent position, so there is always that chance!

  4. I'm popping around the blog world and my old comments and came across you, I don't know. Months and months ago. :) Your post has inspired me to sign my boy up for swim lessons, STAT. It's so hard when I wish I were home to go with him! I'll have to settle for a place that does evening lessons. But thanks for what you's pushing me when I needed a push. Happy Thursday - and good luck with the job hunt. :) And the test results!