Friday, July 10, 2009

The Best Part Is That I Got to Sleep Until 10 This Morning

Twitter is just not helping my blogging life, because I post updates on there and forget I haven't updated here. Then I'm kind of tired about thinking about it because I have been thinking about it so often...but I did want to update here because this blog is now the official written record of my life and how else am I going to remember something if I don't blog about it?

First, I did pass my elementary certification test. Not to brag (well, actually, I am bragging, but please don't hold it against me) but I scored a 284 out of 300 (that's something I didn't put on Twitter or Facebook). Most of the questions I missed were Math (big shock there). But I thought that was a good score considering that I only had three days to study and haven't been paid to teach for 6 1/2 years. Proof that once a teacher, always a teacher, I guess.

Second, I haven't gotten any interviews yet, but it may still happen since there are a few jobs available in my area. Anyway, if I don't get hired, I'll sub and then I have a better chance of getting hired next year or even during the year if I take over for a teacher who had to quit unexpectedly.

Also: today is my birthday. I am 34. I think I now have to admit that I am in my mid-30s. It's okay, though. I like my 30s. I am more confident than I was in my 20s. And I will always be 7 years younger than my husband. I tell him I'm his trophy wife--he was just smart enough to marry a younger woman the first time around.

Yesterday we drove to Arkansas to visit my dad's brother and his family. Justin made some cabinets for my late grandparents' house, which one of my cousins and his wife bought. I'm glad that house is staying in the family; I have a lot of good memories of it. My oldest cousin's daughter is visiting her grandparents, and she and Miss Pink are having as much fun as her mama and I used to have. Another cousin is coming over tonight with her son, who is Mr. Blue's age. I'm enjoying spending time with the family since we usually only get to see each other once a year and it's usually for a funeral or a wedding. This is much more relaxed.

Oh, and I promise to blog and comment more often instead of obsessing about the job search! Other blog topic suggestions would be appreciated, though, since I'm having a hard time thinking about anything else.



  1. Happy Birthday!!

    Congratulations on passing your test! I would brag, too! You got a great score :)

    Good luck finding a good teaching position

  2. Happy BIrthday! And 24...(okay, I know 34...but nows the time to fudge...not later) And congrats on passing your test! Of course we knew you would...we never doubted it for a second! And toot your own horn...why not? If you've got it, flaunt it!
    hugs for your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!

    Congrats at the test. I would brag, especially since I couldn't do it. lol

  4. Happy Birthday! Wish I could have been there when you guys visited. Oh yeah, congrats on passing the certification test with flying colors!