Sunday, August 16, 2009

After the Wedding

It was a busy and happy weekend. My brother got married. The bride was radiant, the ceremony was moving, my children walked down the "aisle" in my parents' side yard exactly like they were supposed to, no one died of heat stroke, and a good time was had by all.

Of course if I were a good blogger I would have pictures of this. Sadly, I forgot my own camera (nothing new there) but if I get some pics from my mom or the groom himself, I will share them with you. I wish I could figure out the scanner so I could show you the pics from the photo booth of me and Justin, and Miss Pink and her uncle. They really hammed it up. Mr. Blue didn't know how to pose for the photo booth, so his show just a blank stare.

The kids were so exhausted from dancing around the reception that they slept later than they have all summer, which meant we did too. We also played hooky from church. It's been a relaxing day.

I have some posts I want to write but they have not ripened enough yet. Talk to you soon.



  1. Aaaawww... I was dying to see photos... *pout*

    so now I could only imagine how radiant and how handsome your bro looked...

    Please tell me there are photos of your children walking down the aisle.... must be really adorable!

  2. Sounds delightful :D

    What a darling program!

  3. Yes, I want to see pics, too! Glad everything went well, and I'm sad we had to miss the reception.

  4. There is something about the free loving wheel of children at weddings that melts my heart. They seem to bloom there.

    Congratulations to your brother and wife! Now I need to peruse to catch up with you. Everything good?

  5. I love the cover, "he gives me roots, I give him wings" Such a perfect way to describe some relationships. LOVE it!