Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We got home on Saturday after our trip (to Lousiana to visit Justin's family). His mother does in fact have lymphoma, but at least it is the large-cell type, which has a better cure rate, so we are all hoping (and praying) for the best. My MIL is keeping her chin up, which we all know is important. She got a recommendation for an oncologist and will be starting her treatments as soon as possible. Thanks for your kind words and prayers.

I feel like I'm behind on everything after being gone a week. Apparently I didn't realize (or was in denial that) school was starting so quickly. Not only do I have to get everything lined up for the kids, but I also have to get all my ducks in a row for subbing. Guess who lost her birth certificate AND her S.S. card? (And yet I have never been the victim of identity theft! Amazing, when I have clearly been careless with my personal documents.) Well, at least now all of Miss P's school uniforms and other supplies are bought.

My brother is getting married on Saturday, and my kids are in the wedding. I will try not to wait too long before posting again.



  1. So much for you to be juggling right now, wow.


  2. Prayers to your Mother in law. Best Wishes to your children and you for the new school year.

  3. I stupidly bought Miss O's uniform skirts without making her try them on and they are absolutely humongous around the waist, with no waist-adjuster. I know she's skinny, but is she really THAT much skinnier than the average girl?!?!

  4. Prayers for your Mom! My niece is in remission with Nonhodgkins Lymphoma and is looking well...hope the wedding is perfect! Glad to have you back

  5. My best to your MIL.
    and (prayers)

  6. I will keep you in my prayers. The struggles we each face and be enourmous. So glad that your MIL is keeping her head up and facing this head on.