Monday, August 31, 2009

I Probably Should Have Put This on Twitter But Didn't Feel Like Being Concise

Now for every mommyblogger's favorite type of post: Mildly Amusing Things My Kids Did/Said!

(I am imagining my readers cheering wildly. Please don't crush my dream. I have so few left.)

The other night we were driving home after church and the moon looked large, full-or-nearly-so, and Miss Pink exclaimed, "I can see the craters on the moon and I can even see the footprints where the astronauts walked there!"

Justin and I exchanged amused glances and I said dryly, "Wow, we'll have to tell the eye doctor that those glasses really improved your vision."

We chuckled and Mr. Blue piped up, "What are aster-snots?"

The other three of us laughed until I realized he was getting embarrassed and I quickly answered his question. I love it when my kids mispronounce big words and I'm always sad when they start pronouncing them correctly.
* * *
The other day I wanted to be comfortable (wait, when don't I want to be comfortable?) so I was wearing a loose-fitting top and knit skirt as I took Miss Pink to school. She looked me up and down and said firmly but kindly, "Mom, that just looks saggy. You should put on a beautiful belt."

Schooled in fashion by a six-year-old! She was right, though.
* * *
That reminds me, Miss Pink and I often have conversations about which of her clothes look good together. I have always let her wear what she likes, within reason, but sometimes her choices are unreasonable and rather than just lay down the law, now that she is older, I try to explain why something does or doesn't work. She likes What Not to Wear and has been known to say she is "adding a POP of color."

The other Sunday, she picked out a denim dress a friend had given us. It has a full skirt with belt loops so she put a silver belt with it. I complimented her and told her she was wearing all neutrals. (She had recently learned that silver is a neutral.) Then a few days later she spoke up in the car and said, "Mom, is pink a neutral?"

"No," I said.

"But--I LIKE pink," she argued.

"That's great, honey, but it really isn't a neutral. You can wear it with a lot of things, but not everything." This obviously wasn't the answer she wanted, so I kept trying. "Not every color you like has to be a neutral."

She made dissenting noises and kept repeating her vote for pink as a neutral until I said, "Okay, honey. I guess for a six-year-old girl, pink IS a neutral."

And on that fashion-forward note, I am going to stop and go watch TV with my husband.



  1. Aster-snots: that is AWE.SOME. Totally!!!

  2. Those are so funny! I really need to start writing down all the things my kids say. My memory is terrible!

  3. Lil' lids are funny people. Yours sound very amusing and we should get our kids together to hang out sometime, different countries notwithstanding.

  4. I cheered...loudly...

    aster-snots...that is fabulous. I love when kids say things wrong too, so cute and hilarious too.

    You better not tell Boo that pink isn't neutral...I will hurt you.

  5. You have a wonderful blog!

    I moved my blog back to blogspot, so please come and visit!

    ~Simple Pleasures~

  6. Those are great quotes from the kids! And I know what you mean -- I just realized the other day that Olivia pronounced something correctly instead of her usual cute way (can't remember now for the life of me, but it'll come to me later) and I was a little sad that she had gotten it right.

  7. These are precious! I haven't done one of these kinds of posts for awhile... I'm going to pay closer attention and hopefully I'll have a few more of my own soon!