Friday, November 7, 2008

Leavin' on a Jet Plane--Scratch That--in a Tahoe

In about an hour I am leaving on my First Ever Weekend Away with Girlfriends. I do mean ever, not just since the kids were born, but I have needed it since the kids were born. While you are in the stage of having small children, it is usually difficult to leave them for travel unless you have to, and there were a lot of different reasons why I couldn't, mainly: breastfeeding; no money; Justin not able to take off work so I could go; girlfriends also having said difficulties so they couldn't go anywhere either.

But now the planets have finally aligned and I am out of here for a weekend. SQUEE! I am SO excited!

So where are we going, you ask? NYC? Las Vegas? Mexico?

How about--a small town in lovely East Texas? [said in a cheesy game-show-announcer voice]

Yes, I have been invited on a trip to a bed and breakfast two hours from here. I have never heard of the town, but since we are not going to paint it red, the town doesn't matter. We are going to be there to scrapbook.

I TOLD you I lead a very glamorous life.

I kid, but it actually sounds lovely. The house is set up to accommodate groups of scrapbookers, and the rooms have multiple beds. All the meals are included, and there is a hot tub, TV room, porch swing overlooking the pond, etc. A masseuse and nail tech will be on site on Saturday (I'll skip the massage, but I AM getting a pedicure, Lord willing.) Apparently there is a lot of yummy food and candy and homemade hot chocolate, so I am bringing my stretchy pants. My friend said it is a lot like a slumber party, which sounds fun since I haven't slept over with friends for so long (at least without my kids.) If it turns out to be cliqueish like some of the slumber parties of my girlhood, at least I have some good friends who'll stick with me so I won't be the outcast. I hope to watch at least one chick flick too.

And of course I am going to scrapbook. I'll be putting the Week in Review posts into an album which I will take pictures of for y'all to see--since without you reading this blog, I never would have written this record of the little moments of our life.

My only regret? I wish all of you could come with me.

And that we could go to New York together, too. I want a designer knockoff bag. It'll look great with my stretchy pants.



  1. Jealous? Hell yes. I could squeeze into your suitcase if you really tried. Go on take the hairdryer and the extra pair of shoes out, you won't need them . . .

  2. That sounds awesome! Just being able to get away and be with your girlfriends... well... makes me jealous!

    Have lots of fun and enjoy the quiet time, the laughter, and the uninterrupted sleep!

  3. Have sooooo much fun.

    Listen, you don't need Vegas to have fun.... a few moms who haven't been out in 2 years are party within themselves!

  4. Sounds like a great time. Really. No sarcasm. I couldn't do the whole light up the town, any more. A good cup of cocoa and some sharp scissors, that's my kinda fun baby.

  5. Stretchy pants - LOL!! Hope you had a great time. - Leann

  6. Stretchy pants - LOL!! Hope you had a great time. - Leann

  7. Stretchy pants - LOL!! Hope you had a great time. - Leann

  8. Oh that sounds like SO MUCH FUN! I haven't scrapbooked in SO LONG. My poor scrapbook is (again) almost a year behind. Darn money! Darn bills!

  9. You know what? I AM JEALOUS. I have been so BORED lately. I would love to have a scrapbooking weekend away from here!

  10. We had our awesome girls only weekend in Chicago last weekend. I'm already homesick for Chicago! So glad you had a chance to get away and that you had a great time!