Monday, November 24, 2008

We're leaving for Louisiana tomorrow morning, and guess what I'm doing? If you guessed "packing," you're wrong! Instead, I'm reading blogs while simultaneously uploading pictures onto Shutterfly. But I have a reason for that part--while I'm in La. I can start making the photo books the grandparents are getting for Christmas. (Don't worry, they don't read this blog. I think!)

Also, I need to charge my iPod and the batteries for the camera.

Clothes, schmoes. I need to make sure my technological gadgets are ready to go!

Due to the unforeseen combination of "stuff to do" and hormones from hell this weekend, I haven't yet finished the short story. It's so so close to being done, and you should get it in your email inbox this week.

I also need to work on last week's week in review before I forget what happened last week.

Here's a funny story about Mr. Blue that HAD to be blogged. Last night we were in the living room--I was reading, Mr. Blue was playing drums on a plastic chair, and Miss Pink and Justin were watching TV.

Suddenly Mr. Blue had a request to make. "I wanna watch dat belly show," he said.

Puzzled, I asked him to repeat the phrase, because I sure didn't understand what it referred to. He repeated it clearly, with a funny little grin on his face.

Justin said, "Oh! A while ago, I turned on the TV and that show about the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders was on and they were doing their routine."

Showing their bellies, you see.

"Do you like to watch the pretty girls?" Justin asked him, and Mr Blue got an even goofier look on his face and growled, "MMMMMMMM."

That is the same sound his father made while we were standing at our wedding altar. I am not even kidding.

The ladies' man



  1. HA! I remember my boy when he was just crawling about. I had just bought a bra and the package fell on the floor. He kept kissing the package and rubbing his face between those big cardboard breasts. Ah, men! Oh no, boys!

  2. Ah yes, like father like son!
    You just watch the fascination move from bellies to boobies REAL quick!

    Have a great break. x

  3. Wow um, good luck with that in a few years.

  4. Oh, that's too funny! I'll add this to my list of ways boys are different from girls. Of course, Livie would want to watch the belly show, too, just because she would want to look like them.