Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Playroom Addition Update #3

Now that the election's over, we can turn to other topics here at Hairline Fracture.

Yes, I know that sentence made no sense, because I have never turned to the election on this blog, and I'd like to keep it that way, if you don't mind. There was an election, and it made history. There. Now I have proved that I notice current events, and that I know the world doesn't revolve around MEEEEEE.

It doesn't?

Anyway, here's what's been going on at our house. Last time I updated, the siding was up but unpainted. Well, guess what?

Here's a closeup so you can see the color better.

Inside, the plan was to insulate and hang sheetrock. Of all the things Justin knows how to do, sheetrock is one of the things he dreads, right up there with wallpaper. He can do both but he'd really prefer not to. We're not going to have wallpaper in the room, but sheetrock is not an option, so he hung the sheetrock. And then we got a little extra money, and he decided to hire a sheetrock guy to tape, bed, and (help him) texture. It turned out to be a good decision, because it took three days to finish, and obviously it would have been longer if Justin had been working alone, and it would have SEEMED way longer if I'd had to listen to him complain about it.

So the sheetrock got done instead of Justin getting bogged down doing it, and we helped the guy with some work, which he needed. A win-win situation.

The only bad part was when they scraped the existing texture off the walls in the hall. The walls were going to have to be repainted to match the new color going up in the living room, kitchen, and playroom, and they needed a new texture because...because...well, I don't actually know why except that the living room was going to have a lightly troweled texture on it and I guess Justin thinks the texture has to match since the hall adjoins the living room. Whereas I wouldn't care, if the color was the same. (My motto is, "Whatever's easier. Unless what's easier is significantly more expensive, in which case, do whatever's cheaper.")

In this case, scraping off the texture was easy AND cheap, but it created a lot of dust. More dust than I would have believed possible from that tiny hall. They put plastic on the floor but the dust literally filled the house and rested on every possible flat surface. It even went under the closed doors into the bedrooms. I spent the next two days dusting everything and I suspect I will still keep finding dust for weeks. All of our allergies got worse (aaaa-choo! Excuse me!) but since Justin suffered the worst I won't blame him. After all, I got some nice-looking texture just waiting for paint.
Not that--that is the playroom, which still needs to be textured (tomorrow. And no scraping will be involved.)

Here's a closeup. The texture is very subtle.

It's going to look gorgeous painted with a beautiful glaze on it. Because in addition to all the OTHER home-improvement stuff my husband can do, he also knows how to faux-finish things. Can you believe it? I seriously do not know how I got so lucky.



  1. I love that texture. We have it in a lot of rooms of our very old house. In my mind it hides the blemishes. Except of course that very new gaping hole in my wall on the way upstairs...go figure.

  2. its beautiful!!!
    that little smiling figure in the mist of the mess just made me giggled...

  3. That's more work than I'd want to tackle at one time..brave girl you!

  4. Yes, what a wonderful husband to score!! House projects are so much fun... well, at least the idea of them is fun.. and the finished product. And I do loathe drywall dust... it really does go everywhere! It's going to look gorgeous though!!!!

  5. Looking great! Must feel good to see it all coming together. The texturing looks very nice.

    If your hubby is looking for any more reno work, send him my way. I've got a long list that mine seems to be ignoring...

  6. It's looking great! Just in time for the winter, too.