Monday, November 17, 2008

Week in Review, 119--11/15

You sweet readers--how kind you are to agree to read my short story. And here's how I show my gratitude: I didn't work on the story at all this weekend. I am such an ingrate. But I pinky promise I will finish it in the next few days. I am on the last scene so I should be able to overcome my perfectionism and wrap it up. And no, there is no deadline for your comments. That would be hypocritical of me in the extreme, since it took me three months to write, from sheer procrastination. (Really it was six years of procrastination; that's a heck of a long maternity leave.)

Anyway, look for it in your email inbox and feel free to pester me if you don't get it this week.

Here is this week's week in review. It felt like a long week for some reason.

1. Mr. Blue likes to put his pajamas on at any opportunity. We go to the store and return home; the pajamas go back on. I don't know why I find this endearing, but I do (he's my baby!) He is also getting pretty good at dressing himself with some help. Quite a contrast from his sister, who would let me dress her while she lays there like an infant, if I would do it.

2. However, Miss Pink has learned to tie her shoes by herself. The process involved months of intermittently showing her how--her trying, failing, and getting frustrated--me saying, "Oh well, it'll just take some more practice--and then her teacher tells the class they all need to learn to tie their shoes--and boom, just like that, she figures it out. Maybe her teacher could tell her to stop putting junk under her bed?

3. The playroom cabinets are in! A floor-to-ceiling bookcase for adult books, an entertainment center with bookcases on both sides for the kids' books, games, and decorative items; and underneath, TWELVE cubbies with removable bins for toy storage. Also a desk with cabinets above it and a file drawer--I'm getting giddy just thinking about it. I may actually end up with more storage space than stuff to put in it--which is just fine with me.

4. Miss Pink's school had an awards assembly for the first nine weeks, and she received a ribbon for never being tardy (which I am secretly claiming because you know who gets them out the door on time) and a bracelet inscribed with one of the school character traits which she has been an example of: Respect. She was thrilled, of course. She said, "I didn't know I was so respectful, but I guess I am!"

1. Mr. Blue has been pretty challenging this week. He whines, throws tantrums, snatches things from his sister just to upset her--and he's discovered the fun of "bad" words, which in his mind all have to do with bodily functions. Today he was calling me a "poopy turkey." Hey bud, I'm not the one who wears diapers.

At least Justin and I don't use actual bad words around the house. That would be difficult for this preacher's kid to explain to his Sunday School teacher!

2. There are weeks when I have a lot of energy, but this was not one of them. Sometimes you just have to get by with the essentials, you know?



  1. You know, there are days when I want to put on my pajamas as soon as I hit the door too. I say he's got the right idea!

  2. "Sometimes you just have to get by with the essentials, you know?" Indeed you do Alison, indeed you do.
    And that is why I am sat here still in my pyjamas and it's 2.30pm!

  3. I love your blog and I'm looking forward to reading your short story!



  4. I immediately change into my PJs upon coming home from work. He's my kind of guy! And just like Miss Pink, Livie would also let me dress her -- why is that?!

    I want to see pics of the playroom!!

  5. Hey, a poopy turkey is not so bad in my books.

    Your very respectful daughter cracks me up.

  6. Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!

  7. oh oh! now I'm a little worried. Which email address did you send to? cos' one of my email is down.