Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week in review, 10/26--11/1


1. The Impressionist art exhibit. (Next time I won't wait until the last week to go.) I can't wait until the kids are old enough to go with me. There is a fabulous art teacher at Miss Pink's school. Right now they are learning about abstract art--specifically Kandinsky. (!) She has also done a picture in the style of Matisse, which I can't wait to see.

2. Speaking of art, Miss Pink is a prolific artist. You should have seen the pile of paper that came out of the drawer where I let her keep her drawings. The pile covered half of her bed. If it were up to her, she would keep every scrap of paper she has ever drawn on or found anywhere EVER, but since it's not up to her, we go through the papers when the drawer won't close properly. I let her keep 50 papers (there had to have been 250 pieces of paper to start with). It was so hard for her to decide but she did it. And the pieces she saved are really good (I got the best of the best for the scrapbook.)

3. Today Miss Pink said she wanted her "usual diet." And what would that be, I asked. "Candy!" she yelled. "Um, just because you ate a lot of candy on Halloween doesn't make it your usual diet. That would be your UNUSUAL diet," I said. And amazingly, she knew what I was talking about and agreed. [A five-year-old who talks about her "usual diet" is pretty darn unusual, in my mind.]

4. While getting ready for church, Miss Pink and I sang "You Ain't Nothing But a Hound Dog" together. THIS kind of thing is why I had children.

1. I was going to make an apple crisp on Saturday night (with ice cream, even) but my parents wanted to take us out to eat so I didn't and now I wish I had some. It is on the to-do list this week for sure.

2. The time change did us no good at all. All of us woke up at 6 at the new time and couldn't go back to sleep, since it felt like 7.

I have a busy week. Dentist on Monday, hair appointment on Tuesday (I voted early), Study Buddy volunteering at the school on Wednesday. And on Friday I leave for a girls' only scrapbooking weekend at a bed and breakfast. Woo-hoo!



  1. How funny, I was going to make apple crisp last night too but a friend convinced me to go out for dinner then a new book store. Singing before church is awesome!

  2. Sounds like an all around good week!!!

  3. More Yays than Nays! Always a good sign!!!!


  4. I hate the time change...I could refuse to reset my clocks (in fact there's one that I never reset...)gets dark way to early!
    You won't be sorry that you saved her drawings...wait til she is a famous artist and you can sell that work for thousands!

  5. What a week! Forgive me, but I've given you an award on my blog. Play along if you want!

  6. Dinner out sounds great but I can't wait to hear about your apple crisp. With the time change you have to stay up - then your body will adjust.

  7. Head on over here:
    and welcome my cousin's wife to the bloggy world!

  8. Hello! Thanks for the comment by way of SITS. I've been doing the same thing...scrolling through the roll call and randomly choosing people to visit. :) I'm sorry you visited me on such a long-winded post day! I find it very difficult to get angry with anyone like that woman at work anymore, I honestly find them confused and always try to remember that they have a past and a path that brought them to the person they are today, and through communication we can always learn more to become more understanding. (I secretly wish I had this much tolerance with my hubby! LOL)

  9. #3 is hilarious!! Sounds like a smart little girl!!

    I love that you mentioned you voted early!! That's great! I'm on my way...

    Enjoy your hair appointment! :)

  10. A girls only scrapbooking weekend? Sounds like fun!

    We too had zero effect from the time change. *sigh*

  11. hey hey! busy is good! keeps the mind occupied. seems like the 'day-off' is thursday...*laugh* weekend would be just as busy too right? *wink*

  12. I LOVE apple crisp, so whenever you're in the mood to make one, I'll be right over!

  13. OOooohh, are you going to make that recipe I sent to you? Oh, you should. I'm gonna make it tomorrow and hate myself for it!