Monday, April 7, 2008

By the Numbers Quiz

· Number of days old I am right now:11, 960

· The age I was when I first walked: 11 months

· The age I was in my earliest memory: definitely before I was two because I was in my crib

· The age I was when I was first kissed: 13

· The age I was when I moved out of my parents’ house: 20

· The age I was when I finally felt like an adult: 28

· The age I dreamed of getting married at: 25

· The age I actually got married at: one month shy of 22

· The age I’d go back to if I could: If I could take what I’ve learned since, 25

· The price of my first car: I have no idea

· The price of my first home: around 72,000

· Number of vehicles I’ve owned in my lifetime: 4

· How much I made hourly at my first job: I don’t know, but it was definitely minimum wage

· Number of stitches I’ve had in my life: zero!

· Number of bones I’ve broken: 1—a hairline fracture (get it?) in my right arm

· Number of countries I’ve visited: 1

· Number of places I’ve lived: If “places” means “cities,” then 4

· Number of pets I’ve owned: 1

· Number of ex-boyfriends in my past: I’m only coming up with 5, but it feels like I’m forgetting someone.

· Number of people I’ve called my “best friend”: 3


  1. Isn't it funny how easily we forget about boyfriends? The other day I had a memory of dating someone (only a one-date-guy) that I had completely forgotten about. And at the time there's so much emotion!

  2. This is a fun idea! I was trying to gage my own life right alongside yours. Hum. Not sure I like all my answers!