Sunday, April 20, 2008

Week in Review, 4/13--4/19

There are so many good things this week that this is just a sample (I will save some for other posts.) Maybe I am just getting better at noticing them? If so, then this weekly exercise is working.


1. I now know all the names of all kinds of trucks and heavy machinery, thanks to Mr. Blue’s interest in them. It’s so cute when he points out an “es-a-vator” (excavator) or “tontrete mixer” while we’re driving.

2. Kristy Lee Cook finally getting kicked off American Idol.

3. We went to prayer meeting at church on Monday night for the first time in months. I think that’s why the rest of the week seemed to go so much more smoothly. I didn’t really get that much done around the house, but I didn’t feel behind and irritated by being behind, because I’d started the week focusing on what’s really important to me. We will go back--it’s worth the effort.

4. The kids had fun with this:

Not Liking

1. The wreck. But it definitely could have been worse.

2. I was sore all over from kickboxing on Thursday after two weeks off. I hate exercise. The most exercise I really want to do is turning the pages of a book. Unfortunately, I don’t want to be bedridden when I get old, so I have to make myself move.

3. I was irritated at a friend with whom I’m never irritated. I won’t discuss my reasons here. (It’s none of you reading; I just want to keep it private.) I was going to confront her in a nice way and then I realized that this choice of hers was none of my business; it was between her and God. So I let it go. But being irritated was like picking at a scab—it itched, hurt, and felt good-in-a-bad way all at the same time.

4. Having to pee 5 times more frequently (and suddenly) than I did before I had kids. Can I get a witness, ladies?


  1. I think this week was a success! And I'm wanting to pick up this format I just have so much spewing from my head that I haven't had a break to make sense yet.

  2. 22, 2008 at 7:21 AM

    Amen on the peeing!

    I live with someone who has tried to teach me the names of all equipment, and for some reason it just refuses to stick in my brain.

    Once Livie knows about that trampoline, she will constantly be finagling an invitation to your house. By "finagle" I mean "Can I come over?"