Sunday, April 6, 2008

Week in Review, 3/30--4/5


1. The kids wearing their superhero costumes all week. It was so cute. Also, they are playing together well (most of the time).

2. Threadless had a $5 sale, and I bought this shirt. Which I’d wanted since I first saw it. (Don’t click if you’re afraid it will spoil a movie for you ;-)

3. I love this about my husband: he watched most of Pride and Prejudice when it was on the other night—and I wasn’t even in the room!

4. This month’s Challenging Book isn’t really challenging—I chose a Dickens novel since I’ve only read A Christmas Carol (of course), Oliver Twist and Great Expectations—and I may have read those last two in a version abridged for kids, I’m not sure. I chose Nicholas Nickleby and am loving it. Dickens was so funny—his humor still works. He was a master of pacing as well—even though the book is massive, you move through it quickly.

5. Moms’ Night Out last night with friends—dinner at a Mexican restaurant and dessert at one girl’s house. We laughed so much my sides hurt. Plus one of my friends did an actual belly dance for us.

Not Liking

1. I went to Chick-Fil-A Tuesday specifically to get the new Coffee Caramel shake because I had a coupon for a free one. Never mind that it’s probably seven thousand calories—it was FREE and I couldn’t pass that up. It turned out that they were only free between 2-5 pm, so I couldn’t justify buying one. Sadly, I ate an ice-cream cone instead.

2. Mr. Blue climbed onto his dresser and my bathroom countertop this week. This means I have to be extra vigilant, so he won’t a) fall and break his head; or b) do what he did the other night—spray himself with a bunch of different colognes so he smells like he was attacked by the fragrance section of a department store. Gag.

3. I am having a hard time finding a swimsuit I like that a) does not make me hate my white, stumpy-legged, flabby body and b) does not cost a bajillion dollars. Stupid stupid stupid.

4. I’ve been in a crabby, slothful mood this week. I’ll give you three guesses why. Thank goodness this week should be better.


  1. Amelia is already starting to climb a little, so it looks like we'll be in the same boat before too long.

    I really want to click on that Threadless link, but I HAVE to get back to work!

  2. Sounds like there were quite a few "likes" on that list! More than not likes anyway and that's good.

  3. ARGHH! Swimsuits! Don't you wish it was 1926 and you could wear pantaloons to the beach? I do! Today I went swimming with my son's class at the rec center and I wanted to be in a snowsuit, or atleast a very, very long turtleneck!

  4. That shirt is so cool! Love the idea of reading a challenging book...I think the most challenging thing I've read since the baby was born is Parents magazine! I have two copies of Great Expectations (ha--maybe one copy should be tomorrow's toss out!) but I've never read it. Sounds like a great week (despite the swimsuit issue!) :)