Sunday, April 13, 2008

Week in Review, 4/6--4/12


1. On Saturday Miss Pink was officially registered at the charter school. Several of her friends also got in (it was inevitable, really, since she makes friends everywhere she goes.) Her comments after the screening she had with a K teacher: “It was fun! School is going to be so much fun when I am in kindergarten. And I had no IDEA that place [the classroom] would be so AMAZING!”

Rock on, girl. YOU are amazing.

2. Chicken shawarma with fresh pita bread and rice alongside. It’s a Middle Eastern dish of marinated chicken. I get cucumber sauce instead of tahini, and…mmmm. I’m glad there was enough for leftovers.

3. I watched a movie Sat. night—Dan in Real Life. I laughed AND cried (not at the same time), and I hardly ever cry at movies. Steve Carrell did a good job acting normal although I kept expecting him to start acting like Michael Scott. And I liked that everything in the movie could have happened in real life (so the title was accurate). Except for the whole family doing aerobics on the front lawn. That would never happen in any family I have ever known.

4. Mr. Blue has been quite the mama’s boy this week. He sits on my lap for a long time and gets so still that I think he’s gone to sleep, but he’s just cuddling. I asked him today if he was Mama’s boy and he said, “Yep.”

5. I had an excellent Sunday afternoon nap because I was so tired from staying up to watch the movie. I hope I can sleep tonight—I hate that vicious cycle.

6. Another good thing—this has been a good week! We got a refund from our mortgage company for an escrow surplus and now we can afford to buy the kids a trampoline (with a safety net, of course) without dipping into our savings.

Didn’t like

1. I temporarily lost my mind last night while we were at the mall and went into Forever 21. Who was I kidding? I think that store ought to be named “Hideously Unflattering to Everyone Over 21.” Also, someone should tell the “designers” that the 80’s were a BAD time for fashion. They are dressing these poor children in horrible clothes that will give them nightmares in 15 years. (Exhibit A: the female singers on American Idol.)

2. Justin had to work Saturday. It doesn’t happen often, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

3. Mr. Blue has gotten obsessed with gum. He started getting it at Miss P’s school in the “treasure chest” at the end of the day. He’s finally stopped swallowing it, which is good, but I limit him to 1 or 2 pieces of sugarless gum a day. He, of course, doesn’t think this is nearly enough, which means I am treated to ear-piercing wails of “DUMMMMMM!” several times a day.


  1. I really like this format of likes and dislikes. Is this linked to someone else's site, a mission of sorts? Or is this a design of your making? I like it, though, especially now that I'm returning to work and will become busy, busy again and have less time for this cyber world. Trampolines! Kids love them! (I might, too) but my husband draws few lines and unfortunately, this is one of them!

  2. Good for you on the mortgage refund! Somehow, our escrow was severly short this past year, and now our monthly payment has gone up $300/month. Seems like it's THEIR fault they calculated wrong, not ours. Oh well, at least we have it to pay. There have been times when news like that would have sent me into a tailspin of terror and grief because there was no way we could have made that payment.

  3. Oh, and I left about 4 comments on your last few posts. I've been so busy I haven't read in a long time!!

  4. Forever 21 is like a candy store to me. I am in my 40's and I still think I'll look hot in one of their dresses! Sad to say once you put one on it's like having a sugar crash. Have you felt the material? Totally flammable. Stay away and don't be tempted.