Thursday, April 24, 2008

Check this out

Hey, y'all--check this out! I'm featured on a site called Blogtations, which is like Bartlett's Quotations, except bloggy.

I've never been featured on anything, so this was cool.

Also, they're having a Mother's Day quotation contest. The details are here. I'm trying to think if I've said something pithy and witty enough about motherhood to qualify. Probably not!

I've got a toddler screaming about wanting flip flops on and a preschooler waiting to be picked up. Must go...


  1. I remember when you said that and thought "how true! That's exactly what that store should be called!" Congrats on your shout out, it's so much fun to be recognized!

  2. How cool!! Congrats! (And I did find that line very funny.)