Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The day after I wrote that "I really don't have any problems" post? I had a crappy day.

The crappiness was entirely in my head, because literally nothing had changed since the day before except that I found out that the body work to our car (due to the fender bender) will require the car to stay in the shop up to a week. A week without a car is not possible for me. Two or three days, yes. But since we can't walk anywhere, after a few days, I start to go crazy if I don't have a few errands or playdates to break up the day. Plus, I have to take Miss Pink to and from school three days a week. We can't get a rental car (the usual solution) since the guy who hit me paid for the damage instead of having us file on his insurance.

So. After I cried some unreasonable, self-pitying tears, I realized that we could wait until after school is out to put the car in the shop. That will solve about 90% of the problem; we can endure a few days at home, especially with friends free for the summer to visit.

It's not really a problem, more like a minor inconvenience. The bumper needs to be repainted, but that can wait until a better time. The problem is that it goes against my innate desire to want things taken care of NOW. As my husband says, "Patience, Mortimer."

(No, I do not have any idea what that means. I think his father used to say it to him.)

I'm just edgy and mopey and sleepy (sounds like a revised version of Snow White) since I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. That's always fun. Anyway, I know things will seem better, or at least different, by this time tomorrow.


  1. It sounds like the guy who hit you didn't pay the full damages if you are being left without a car for a week. I understand him not wanting to claim it on his insurance, but expecting you to not have a car for a week so he doesn't incur a possible raise in insurance rates is not quite fair. Perhaps he should pay for a rental car as well since that's what his insurance would have done. Just because he is paying for it out of his pocket doesn't mean that less than what insurance would have paid is acceptable.

  2. So funny, I was just thinking, wow, I'm not in the know with the patience Mortimer thing. Glad I'm not alone. A good little chuckle (at your expense?) first thing in the morning. It might even be an adventure...staying home and all. Those damned cars in the shop are like missing limbs, aren't they?

  3. I agree with Vanessa -- seems like he should pay for that as well. And it's not like a rental car is all that expensive.