Friday, April 25, 2008

Once Upon a Potty...or the Floor

Well, we did it. We introduced Mr. Blue to the potty yesterday.

(Potty, this is Mr. Blue. Mr. Blue, potty.)

Since you can't hear my tone of voice, I'm not incredibly enthusiastic about potty-training him. I want him to BE potty-trained; I just don't really want to go through the process.

It's just pre-potty-training, I told myself, being careful not to get emotionally worked up over whether the child will TRY, for Pete's sake just sit on the potty for two minutes and TRY (like I did with Miss Pink, and had to totally back up and punt because she dug her heels in and just wouldn't until she was darn well good and ready.)

I don't really think Mr. Blue is actually ready, because he doesn't mind wet or dirty diapers, and he doesn't seem to notice when he's gone. However, he may prove me wrong.

Yesterday he was intrigued by the potty, sitting on it with his clothes on, taking the little splash guard on and off. Then Daddy had him sit on it before his bath. I came in and said, "Mr. Blue, if you tee-tee in the potty, you can have a piece of candy," thinking, he has no idea how to make himself go, I'm just planting the idea in his mind--when he immediately peed. Granted, it went on the floor instead of the potty, but hey! Awesome for the first time. I gave him the candy after his bath. I expect a million gains and setbacks in the next few months, but it was a start. I couldn't get his sister to go in the potty, even accidentally, so that I could reward her.

Today Miss Pink was encouraging him to go on the potty while she went, I took his diaper off--and he peed on the floor again, this time on the blanket she sleeps with. You should have heard her freak-out. This is actually the second time he's peed on one of her blankets, so if he does it again, I'm going to call it sabotage and accept that he really does know how to pee on demand.


  1. Oh, I don't envy you with this new task! Good luck!

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    Congrats and thanks for the great advice!


  3. Potty training is so much bigger than driving a car. I mean, you can learn to drive a car any time. I learned when I was 27. I don't think Mr. Blue wants to let it go that long! BUT, here's what I did. I know, everyone's got an opinion. I took my daughter to the library and let her pick out a bunch of "pottytime" books. She only got to have her bag of special books to read when she was going to invest some time on the can. You know, just like dad...In the end, it worked!

  4. Any books will do, not just potty books. Actually the cooler the more tantalizing. But yes, totally, no pressure. He`s a little dude. Lots of time.

  5. LOL! (I'm not laughing at your situation, but with you.)

    Potty training was one of the harder things I've faced in my short parenting career. I don't envy you, especially since in a year I'll be doing it again!