Sunday, May 18, 2008

6 Things About Me

Mrs. Romero tagged me!

1. I like everything coffee flavored except hot coffee. Well, when it’s really cold I might drink a mocha. But in general I prefer frappucinos and coffee ice cream and tiramisu and any mocha-flavored sweet thing. I’m beginning to see the problem: I like my coffee to be a dessert.

2. I don’t really like massages. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but it’s true—I can take them or leave them. Thirty minutes after a professional massage, I feel exactly the same as I did before, so what’s the point of spending $50?

3. Until this year I thought I was not a jewelry person. Boy, was I wrong. I am totally a jewelry person. After I got my Mother’s Day present, I must have been acting kind of giddy because Miss Pink said, “Mama, I’ve never seen you act so excited.”

4. I play Scrabble against the computer, and I usually win—but if I start getting behind, I cheat. I use the “Best Plays” feature to score a play that nets me 47 points so I can stay ahead. (I only choose the play if I actually know the word, though. I can’t cheat that much. Yes, I know this is illogical.)

5. It is virtually impossible for me to keep myself from bobbing my head and/or mouthing the lyrics to certain songs while I am on the treadmill, even though the mirror in front of me shows me how dorky I look doing it. Go ahead—I dare you not to move your head to “Love Shack.” It can’t be done!

6. I sort of have a crush on this guy who is on my kids’ favorite TV show, Hi-5. They watch it every day and I watch him. Now that I’ve confessed, I feel better.

I tag Le Guz (I'm not linking so she can decide where she wants to do this meme), womaninawindow, and gyl_again!


  1. These are good! Especially your admition to cheating.

    You are TOTALLY right about Love must move... I'm movin' right now just thinking about it!

  2. I know so many people who feel this way about coffee! FYI, I'm not one of them, I'd hook up an IV if I could! ;)

  3. That is so freaken funny...Shaun? It's mostly funny because as we watch this show every single morning!!!!!!I fantasize about Curtis, because I think he looks like my husband!!!!!!!!! Ahhhh...
    But I would take the coffee any day.

  4. I'll think about the tag...the pressure's on...this would officially be my first (tag)