Monday, May 12, 2008

Week in Review, 5/4--5/11

And the week in review is baaack. First I skipped it because I didn’t have any complaints, and then I got thrown off the Horse of Mental Health (shut up, I know that is a stupid metaphor.) I won’t be bragging about how perfect my life is any time soon, I’ll tell you that much.


1. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend. Saturday was more for me, and Sunday we spent with my mom. I had a nap Saturday morning, and while Justin took Miss Pink shopping for my presents, Mr. Blue had a nap and I had two glorious hours to write and read and scrapbook. Bliss.

2. THEN—this deserves its own point—they gave me my presents, which were a) a microplane grater, which I had suggested (actual retail price: $12.99) because for some reason I won’t buy it for myself although clearly it wouldn’t break the bank, and b) a strand of pearls that came from a jeweler and not Target. ZOMGWOW!!! I was TOTALLY not expecting that. Justin remembered me saying offhandedly months ago, “Someday I want some pearls.” It was not even a hint! Then on Sunday night he cleaned up the filthy kitchen. The man is a keeper, I tell ya. Plus he gave me adorable children. So his position as Husband is secure.

3. Miss Pink writes me sweet notes that go like this: “MOMMY I LOVE YOU AL MY HART” and signs her name. Mr. Blue let his daddy hold his hand to write his name and then drew a wobbly oval which he announced was a football. How can people think there are no differences between the sexes?

4. Totally unrelated but true: the double thickness white tee (which WAS from Target) was the way to go. The LAST thing I need is a paper-thin white tee shirt.

5. Remember how I didn’t want to be without a car while mine was at the body shop? My dad went out of town and let me borrow his car while he’s gone. Next time I get agitated when things go awry, remind me that somehow things always work out. Maybe I’ll listen to you better than I do when my husband says that same thing.

6. Much better week--sleeping at night, no distress. Keep that in mind when you read #2 below.

Not so awesome

1. The workout shorts I bought in my size at Wal-Mart are too big. This is not because I have lost weight —I know because none of my other clothes are too big. Geez, vanity sizing at Wal-Mart—what is this world coming to?

2. I filled out a zillion forms before I go to see the psychiatrist. On the bright side, based on the questions, I realize I am going to be a very easy patient for them—no suicide attempts or hospitalization, no drugs or violence or prison or language barrier or really anything except I can’t sleep when I get anxious. On the other hand, I used to volunteer for the county MHMR and it makes me feel weird to be filling out the types of forms I used to file for people who REALLY had problems. I was raised to be the person who helps, not the person who needs help. I guess this is another post. Nothing wrong with getting help, as y’all pointed out in the comments.

3. The kids have times of playing together now, which is great—but a lot of the time, it only lasts five minutes before one or both of them is screaming with fury. I am SO tired of being the U.N. going in on peacekeeping missions.


  1. Wow - you cleaned up on Mother's Day - I'm impressed!

  2. I'm so glad you got your pearls whether you hinted or not. Every woman should have some. They are beautiful! Also, isn't it awesome when dad takes the kids and does at least some of the house work? Man I love Mother's Day! Too bad it only lasts one day. Yesterday, about 9:00 p.m. (when Hannah was having a fit about bedtime) I's almost over...WAAAH! Anyway, have a great post Mother's Day week. Hope to see you Thursday.

  3. Pearls! Your husband is a keeper. That kind of thoughtfulness is special.

    I remember those forms. And, I remember thinking, "Hey, maybe I am not as crazy as some others.... wouldn't that be great?"

    You know how inspired I am by your honesty and courage.

    And, I am thrilled to hear that sleep is coming easy!

  4. He's definitely a keeper! Sounds like he did a great job of making sure you had a good weekend.

    Isn't it strange how we won't buy some of those cheaper things for ourselves? I was hoping someone would get me an Itunes gift card for my birthday so I don't have to pay for several songs I want. Isn't that ridiculous?!

  5. Love the difference between sexes and what is one supposed to do with a roughly oval picture of a football? I have a whole box of the roughly somethingoranother, but filled with love, art projects.
    And I am glad, glad, glad that you are taking steps to talk to someone about your "state of mind", let's say. To me, it sounds like you're on the right track!

  6. Enjoyed the post, especially the line: ``being the U.N. going in on peacekeeping missions.''

  7. You're very funny...therefore I'm sure you must need a psychiatrist...all funny people need a son told me that...he's not a psychiatrist, he's a Newspaper Editor, but he says I'm funny and that I'm see where we're going with this, right? I loved your post and like David it was the "going in on a peacekeeping tour" that clinched it for me. Gonna keep coming in to see you...if the psychiatrist does you any good, who knows there may be hope for me yet