Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Stacy and Clinton: "We Told You So!"

Why you might want to listen to the style gurus and change into a cute outfit instead of staying in your track pants and t-shirt all day: You might remember that your daughter's school will be hosting a Mother's Tea that night at 6:30 pm, meaning that you will need your husband to be home to take care of the little guy;

However, said husband is playing in a golf tournament an hour away from you and doesn't know anything about the Tea and when he needs to come home;

Plus, he left his phone in the truck so he can enjoy the tournament; therefore, he hasn't gotten either of the messages you left him;

Plus, it's after 5:00 and you need to get some chicken for dinner, feed the kids and yourself, get dressed in something stylish, do your hair and makeup (because they are taking a picture of you and your daughter for the yearbook--MUST NOT EMBARRASS THE OFFSPRING TOO BADLY IN FUTURE YEARS), find someone to keep Mr. Blue, get the kids presentable, take Mr. Blue to ANGELIC friends' house, and pull into the school parking lot with 2 minutes to spare. Whew!

It was SO worth it to hear the children's angelic little voices chirping out the songs their teachers had taught them. Like the finale, set to the classic tune of "My Bologna Has a First Name":

My mom's Number One, the best in all the world
She is not a boy, but she's kinda not a girl
I don't know her age, I asked but she won't say
I'll stop asking soon and wish her Happy Mother's Tea Day!

I especially love that I'm "kinda not a girl." I feel so secure in my femininity. Good thing I wore makeup and jewelry after all.

Plus, there was cake, brownies, and a chocolate fountain, which made it all worthwhile. I mean, the love of a little child is precious and everything, but CHOCOLATE...let's just say the school knows how to honor moms.

Thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragement yesterday. Each comment meant a lot to me. As a preacher's kid who spent a lot of years trying to be perfect, I can't tell you what it means to me to use this space as a real journal of the journey I am on--and to encounter such wonderful friends along the way! I did wonder after I hit publish if I was scaring off any of the newer readers (come back, new readers! I promise I don't always sound like an alienated goth girl holed up in her bedroom!) I guess what I'm saying is, thanks for letting me be real.


  1. LOVE that song! And yes, the kinda girlish thing was so smart. Going to a tea myself in 30 minutes and I'm sure I should be doing something else right now but I'm indulging in a bit of you...

  2. cute song. wow what a day you had but it was all worth it plus you've got a great memory for your memory book.

    raising a family is the best time of your life enjoy while you can!

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog...btw I'm sure you could run 8 miles after chasing children!

  4. That song ROCKS. I am going to get me a piece of chocolate right now...

  5. I'm sorry, I couldn't concentrate on anything after "chocolate fountain." Mmmmmm......... I need one of those in my office!

  6. That sounds like a wonderful evening. I got all dressed up last night and two people asked me if I was pregnant and my mom told me that my shirt was too low cut AND SHE WAS RIGHT. Feh.